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  1. I honestly believe it is rather stupid IMO that we can't report reviews that are of no significance. I always receive a number of poor reviews that are some stupid claims that "the plugin doesnt work" when its usually due to the fact they never read the requirements stating Java 8 is required. There are also those other reviews in which are just completely pointless.

    The problem is that people would rather give you a poor rating as a way to attempt to leverage you into giving them prioritized support and its pathetic. Lets face it, there are more bullshit poor reviews posted than the genuine ones that actually revolve around the plugin itself. If someone could give me a valid reason as to why they choose to give a 1 star review I'd be fine with that, but these other ones that are complete nonsense need to be reported. These poor nonsense reviews ruin your overall rating for the resource and your resource rating in general.
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  2. I think reviews are pointless in general unless the plugin is premium. Well, I received nothing but five or four star reviews, yet, except one one star and can't really confirm your point (all in all about 60), but what I dislike is the tone. Many reviewers write reviews as if it was the dev's duty to please the will of her majesty the Queen... I'd love to switch the review function off somehow.
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  3. Another thing is that only 1 star or 5 start reviews are utilized, you'll rarely ever see anyone giving 2-4 star reviews. It should just be a "good" or "bad" choice.
  4. I also agree that we should remove reviews. Some salty guy reviewed my plugin and now it has a 3 star rep.
  5. I think spigot should change it ;)
  6. How so? :eek:
  7. MineCove


    So what's your alternative solution to the issue that led to the report removal in the first place? Because it was removed for a reason

    Perhaps you and the rest of the developers that want the report button back should pay a monthly fee so that Spigot can hire someone to handle the inane report requests. Seeing as it would likely be a full time job, you'd probably need to pitch in a few hundred annually at least

    Obviously that wouldn't happen. The ratings system should be removed completely, it's worth much less to consumers than you'd think
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  8. I completely get where you're coming from as to the amount of reports they probably get per day. I personally wouldn't be appossed to removing the rating section. If there was an issue that was so critical and a buyer had a problem they could try to contact the developer and if not contact Spigot to report the resource itself.
  9. @BrettplayMC :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek: *nuke* x,x Less comment options = less hate xDDDD
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  10. 100% agree! I do feel however that reviews are still very useful to premium resources. When I look at a free resource I'll read the description and download it if I want it. For a premium resource I usually check the reviews to see if anyone is having major issues which would stop me buying it.
  11. I know but did they remove it...

  12. FormallyMyles


    I can understand the review issue, I get several people who aren't the most brightest and can't read obvious text. (It led to me making red text so I could explain to them).

    But I also understand how much work this is for Spigot, as stated by Spigot this will effect us all really. I'm fine with having a ratings system as it does show you when someone uploads something bad quality, in the end you tend to have much more positive reviews than the negative for a decent plugin.

    As @MineCove pointed out, there's not much more that can be done. Though I think having reviews is much better than no reviews, because otherwise what happens if a malicious plugin comes along and staff aren't around to remove it? etc. etc..
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  13. But when you only have 6 people reviewing your plugin and 2 of them are salty for no reason it really brings down the rating...
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  14. Hi,

    I may be a little 'late to the party', but I did want to add onto this thread as I too was surprised to see that it was no longer possible to report reviews. I understand that it takes a huge amount of time to do, and if you read this ever @md_5, I'm always happy to help.

    My issue with not being able to have them removed is that while most at least try to be constructive, some simply take a side and rate a plugin purely based on their naive first impression of it without looking at it in detail. is an example of this, if you look through the reviews I think it is fair to say that it has been well received. At the very least, I can be sure that it works at least slightly.


    • Firstly, my plugin contains no advertising whatsoever and in fact one of my key focuses during development was to make it as accessible as possible.
    • The user gives me no details of their account, so there is no way for me to remove their account as I don't even have their email address let alone verification as to who owns the account.
    • It "Doesn't work at all" - really? I put a lot of time into answering support, and never had any questions asked. It's strange that it didn't work in the slightest and this user has no intention of asking for help.
    I'm sure that other developers can relate to this, and would love to hear their perspective. It just seems a bit insulting that with all of the time that goes into creating plugins, and all of the time we put to one side to answer questions, someone can quite significantly bring down a plugins rating because they have no respect for the author.
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  15. I totally agree with you.

    I recently made a thread about reviews, many people agreed with me, except md_5, who denied putting back the system, because it was "voted for to be removed".

    I have UltraCosmetics, and the problem is: It has many features like Gadgets Ammo that for example require Vault, etc. And I made a Wiki for those things, but many people are surely blind, or I don't know what and can't read the Wiki, put bad reviews. I sometimes contact some of them so their review is removed, but for some, they deny, with saying "I have the right to say what I want" etc. So I'm stuck with bad reviews, making the plugin looking bad while the features work. Another annoying thing, that I already complained about, but nothing was done: For example, UltraCosmetics has 523 reviews, if there were 522 5/5, and 1 4/5, the global rate would be 4.5/5 and not 5/5, because it's not rounding well the rate (Higher than 4.75 should be rounded to 5). So, one person out of 523 doesn't understand one thing and uses badly reviews, and it makes the global rate lower.
    I recently also had a person, who reviewed 1/5 because he thought I didn't help him, while I fixed his problem in 2 hours. Yes, he reviewed 1/5 the version that fixes his problem.

    So, all those examples etc show perfectly that the rating system, is more bad than good. The best option would be to remove it, or that they have to be verified by staff. Because reporting system wasn't enough to avoid those bad useless reviews.

    Bukkit didn't have any problems without any reviews system...

    Sorry for the long message, but reviews annoy me a lot, they make my plugins look bad sometimes, without valid reason.

    Oh also, yes reviews could be useful for premium, but trust me there are champions of reviews also on premium plugins.

    [​IMG] Sallinx is one of the guys who refused removing their review. Look how this beautiful review spams the reviews part, that review is longer

    And I have tons of others. :)
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  16. Clear makes something assessing broken, but do not let it get you from something. There are just always people who do something, a famous well.
  17. clip


    Now we have issue with shit like this...


    Would be nice if there were a way to report these at least.... smh

    I vote reviews to be removed due to it not having any moderation at all anymore.
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  18. Yeah... this crap is just going to get out of hand if there isn't a report system. I vote for the idea of removing the reports from free resources but allowing them on premium resources with the ability to report them.
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  19. Just noticed, didn't you say the same thing to him first?
  20. clip


    Nah he was first, then i did that because of the review he left that i couldnt report, then he did to all of my plugins