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  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen,

    I have a pretty straightforward bug/question for you all. How am I supposed to report wikis without a report button?

    I got warned for editing a wiki, yes I may have edited it in such a way that I deserved the warning, but the message within the warning is what confused me... Blurring out the person's name that warned me:

    I got told to instead of doing what I did, I should use the report button contained within the wiki page, but guess what? There isn't one.... so.... How?

    Look: No Report button:
    Do you see one that I don't?
  2. 2008Choco

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    I don't see a report button either so I'm not sure. Though I frequently browse the Wiki page list and remove anything that looks like the one shown above. Speaking of which, I've deleted that page ;P

    Nice blur btw. Signature definitely doesn't look familiar at all. lmao
    though I really don't care
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  3. Lmao I just didn't want any witch hunting to happen because names are particularly obvious.
  4. There is no button to report wikis on Spigot. You try to report one and then come back to this thread.

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