Solved Repost. I need help.

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  1. Hello again, i can't start my 1.14.4 server. In the server, there are not plugins and all the files are by default.

    I'll give you the logs, and the file.

    Log: Click here
    Server.Properties: Click Here

    Thanks for reading ;)
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  2. Try updating Java, here is the link. Aside from that, could you show a picture of the folder where the server is? It could be that the structure is messed, or something which shouldn't be is zipped.
  3. I would say that you have a Resource Pack installed which is conflicting with your server version !
    Disable any Resource Packs in the Minecraft Client
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  4. if it's related to a resource pack: you could have a plugin installed which uses custom resource packs, such as item adders or something. definitely check those out if you know anything on your server is messing with resource packs.
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  5. No resource packs, all the server is 100% default!

    I do this: Put server.jar in folder -> .bat executor -> Accept the eula -> .bat executor -> This error
  6. No plugins!

    And how my minecraft is conflicting with the server?
  7. I have a very, very strong feeling that this is Windows being Windows
  8. ¿?
  9. Try running the server in a Windows Linux Subsystem
  10. Is 'this' server made using BuildTools?

    Or, did you download a defective copy from some illegal source?
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  11. Strahan


    Yea, if you had used BuildTools it would be like spigot-1.14.4.jar not "server.jar" unless you renamed it yourself.
  12. Yup, I've used BuildTools and renamed it manually
  13. Where do you start it? Dedicated server/VPS or own computer?
  14. This may not help with this particular problem, but I’d definitely recommend that you update to 1.15.2. It’s much more optimized than 1.14.4. :coffee:
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  15. Local Machine
  16. Ready, not working (Java)
    All the server folder is default!
  17. On Linux?
  18. Try running the build tool directly on the server machine and see if it works afterwards
  19. Windows 10 Home
  20. What's your path to server folder? Like "C:\\minecraft\server".