Spigot Reputation+ 0.4

Reputation for your server

  1. pashavoid submitted a new resource:

    ReputationPlus - Reputation for your server

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  2. Can't wait for PlaceholderAPI support.
  3. Hi @pashavoid
    Interesting plugin, but I have a few questions:

    - Will there be a feature where you could config commands to run if someone reaches reputation milestones?
    (And an admin command to bump up reputation to test the milestones)

    - Will there be a feature to stop people on the same IP to give reputation? (anti-alt feature)
  4. Done. Don't forget to rate my plugin :)
  5. 1) Yes, thank you for reminding me. I'll add it soon.
    2) I doubt this is required. On my project in another game, we refused to check for IP due to the fact that players in different cities had the same IP.
  6. Ok thank you :)
  7. Nothing happens when I click on a player in the GUI.
  8. @pashavoid

    Hi, I will leave a review on the plugin soon :)

    And a request for next update: to give reputation with a command (not admin command)

    Like player can do: /reputation like <player>
    or something like that ^
  9. Okay
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  10. Hi @pashavoid :)
    Can you add a command to rep instead of having to click GUI in the next update?

    Player1 can do /rep Player2
    (no GUI needed)

    (Im not talking about admin command here)
  11. In the future. I'm currently working on a commercial project, so I can't update plugins or make new ones.
  12. Aww, sad times :( But i respect that.
    Hopefully you will add this soon as you can, cheers :) ~