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  1. If anyone could possibly develop something like:http://www.lilypadmc.org/threads/1-5-2-inventorytp.47/ but for BungeeCord? That would be so awesome! Please PM me or reply to the thread if you are able to.

    Description: Opens up a inventory with a configurable block id, and when you click it it executes a command and it takes you to the selected server.

    Further examples can be found on Hypixel.

    and the usage for it the plugin currently is to do /invtp but I would prefer being able to bind it to a tool.

  2. Cant you just change the config and make the commands /server (server) instead?

    If not, I can send you mine.
  3. I used that plugin when I had LilyPad but it still didn't work right, but yes if you could send me yours I'd appreciate it! But I'm using it for Bungee :p
  4. Add me on skype? tyuzi.craft
  5. Added :)