[REQUEST] [PAYING] Polygonal region resetting.

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by Breezy4G, Mar 26, 2014.

  1. Hello developers of Spigot, I am looking for a plugin made.

    I'm looking to make a unique prison server.

    I need to make polygonal regions for my mines and have them reset
    (configurable in a config file)(can be reset with mce schematics).

    I can do this with ScLoad but I have a problem, whenever the mine resets, players will get stuck inside the mines and die. I need them to be teleported just outside of the region.

    Also, I want this to work with tree farms.

    If this is too much, I would like just a plugin to teleport players outside of region that resets. ​
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  2. Pm me your skype
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  3. Mikgreg


    ^ I recommend not working with SirJava, added me on skype under the false name "KHobbits" asking for a developer position.
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  4. SirJava also claimed that @codename_B had sent him hypixel plugins, which was a lie.

    Anyway, feel free to contact me on skype about your enquiry: DrMediaSkype.
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  5. Forgot to ask...why is your domain a free .tk one? You are a coder, so you should be "professional"
  6. Look at my name;)
  7. ;) Gatcha, although I still think you should purchase a better domain. There are people out there that will insult you for having a "free" domain. That's what people did to me a while ago.
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  8. @Breezy4G came to Team Brimis to have this plugin made. However, he cancelled at the start of development because he claimed to have found a plugin that would suit his needs. So, he's good.
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