Request Rank Missions / Crate Supply Drops

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  1. Well looking at the archon I want to make my server EULA compliant so more people will join on thearchon they have rank missions what rank missions do is once you place down a item like a hay bale or any other item like that it spawns a really fast cow then you have to kill the cow for it to drop a rank redeem note then for supply drops you place something like a brewing stand then in 10seconds the crate key comes down in a chest and anyone that is there can steal it
  2. Wrong subforum, try here:
  3. Wrong subforum or not, I'll have a rank missions plugin public soon. It should only take me 4-18 hours more of coding which means it will be public by Sunday for sure. I'll update you when it's done.

    EDIT: It's pending approval as a premium plugin. I'll make an update post here once it's live.
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  4. K thanks
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  5. Can I plz get some help I am pretty good with mine craft plugin coding but can't figure out how to code a rank mission plugin can you help me Terrobility on how to do this.
  6. What have you done so far friend?
  7. What's so hard about it? If I read correctly your only spawning a cow with increased health and speed and when it's dead give them the reward
  8. How about the crate key the one with the brewing stand?