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  1. Hello everyone. I am very new on here and greatly apologize if this is in the wrong section.

    I need two plugins making for my multi-server. First off I would like to say I am not using bungeecord but instead I am using Transporter. This is because I run a tekkit classic server and bungeecord does not work with that version however Transporter does. The two plugins I need are below:

    First is: I need a plugin like VoteSend, so it will receive a vote and send to other servers stated is config. The reason I cannot use VoteSend is it simply does not work on tekkit classic.

    2nd: This one is the most needed one. I need a plugin that will fetch player counts from other servers linked to the hub server and set it to the player count so that the hub server has the overall player count for the vote sites.

    Could you do any of these for me? The 2nd one is the more important one. I am willing to pay if necessary. If some one could either provide me with these plugins or help me develop them that would be greatly appreciated. I have a good knowledge in java however I have never handled cross server before.

  2. Your correct this is not the correct spot, on spigot if you want a plugin you should post:
    Hope this helps.
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    You probably can't post there for a reason that doesn't mean create this thread here...
  4. Please note that you need to be on the forums for atleast 1 week and have over 20 forum messages to be able to post in that section,
  5. That's a bit silly, how am I meant to request these plugins when I can't even post in that section, it is a little bit unfair :(
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    No, its to prevent egits that want plugins.
    Just wait, get the post legit. That doesn't mean go round and spam every thread.
    Then ask for the plugin.
  7. It also allow's the forum to know that your trustful, and that you would either pay etc if you ended up paying for the website.