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Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Affixes, Sep 27, 2013.

  1. Affixes


    Actually, I'm not that type of guy to ask this, but at the other side I think it's very important to ask for honest feedback. Therefore, I'd like to ask the Spigot Community here some professional feedback on my Server Posts, and possibly my server itself.

    After running for about a year, we recently made the decision to do something with our money and invest into a dedicated server. Because I've been busy with many other things, this server hasn't gotten a lot of my attention, and I deeply regret this. I want to get it off the ground again, and make something happen, and of course, this won't be achieved in a day, or a week, nor probably a month.

    If you are interested, and wanting to help a guy out, please give me honest opinions about the following server posts and websites:

    Planet MineCraft:

    MineCraft Forum:

    Our website (Yes, Enjin):

    ...And if you're interested, please leave any feedback about the server itself (Please find the IP in the above links, since I don't think this is allowed).

    Thanks in advance!

    EDIT: Also, as a poll, please let me know which banner tends to look better:



  2. Dmck2b

    Services Staff

    First banner is better as it actually tells you the IP.

    Your very initial spawn in the hub world doesn't have access to sunlight, void fog looks bad.

    Don't see why everyone needs to know the free RAM on the server, literally an invitation to try crash it imo.

    Your creative server doesnt seem to be online.

    You give full access to /pl, bit of a security issues (Tab complete as well)

    I got stuck in a corner of your spawn as it teleported me into a nether brick fence as I didn't have access to the area beyond that point.

    Survival 2's description colour in your compass is horrible to read.

    Didn't have much time to check out the other worlds, but I don't understand why you chose that location for faction's spawn, less than 1 minute straight out and I hit a huge ocean.
  3. Affixes


    Thank you very much for the useful feedback. Will definitely be working on this.
  4. Post looks great, may PM you to get mine done :)
    Site is good, but maybe a little less transparency would improve it ;)

    Good job!
  5. Affixes


    Sounds good, get in touch with me if you're interested ;).

    I'll edit the transparency for a bit, though I'm probably going to switch to XenForo soon.