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  1. Hey there!

    I am currently a server setup specialist and have made a few server setups that I have successfully sold on mc-market and to individual buyers in the past. I really enjoy making setups for people so that they can run their server without worrying about the time consuming setup process. I was hoping to hire another setup specialist that would be interested in working with me. Currently I have a completed Factions setup (Test Server IP:, and a almost complete skyblock and prison setup. It takes a long time to make a setup so having someone help me would be amazing! If you are interested in helping I will split profits 50% with you for everything you help me with.

    What would I want from you?
    - Has a little bit of money to invest in custom/premium plugins if needed. We would obviously split these costs, but I already own tons of spigot premium plugins.
    - Motivated and communicates well. I don't like long periods of no communication (yes I understand you have lives outside of minecraft :p)
    - Has extensive experience doing server setups/configs, and has some creativity. You don't have to know everything just how to work [​IMG]
    - Maybe.... some building experience.... I am a crappy builder and always have to hire people to build stuff for my setups. This would be a great addition.

    Anyways... If you are interested please send me a private message on mc-market with a brief resume of stuff you have done in the past (with proof if possible). This doesn't have to be full setups. It could just be individual plugins that are impressive and took a lot of time to configure. I am only looking for one person at the moment. With all that being said... I can't wait to get started and make some money with you!

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