Requirements for hosting a Sevtech server? (modpack)

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  1. Me and my friends want to play the Sevtech: Ages modpack (about 250 mods, not a very lightweight pack). We were looking at used server PCs, as we'd rather have one on our own than paying monthly for a host. We were looking at a fairly cheap offer of 16 gigs of ram and 2x Intel Xeon Quad Core E5520, would that be enough to smoothly run the server for ~5 people? If not, what should we look at? All we really know is that single core performance is important, but that's not much to start on.
  2. I suggest getting a multi cored and threaded CPU preferably Xeons or the new I7-7700K. A modpack that large will require INTENSE CPU Usage. 16GB of RAM should be enough as well.
  3. Wouldn't that be an incredibly huge overkill though? Surely that kind of a cpu isn't needed for just 5 people, is it?
  4. I'm not an expert on modpacks but what I know is that that CPU is old AF. You'd be better off getting something with a modern CPU like Ryzen 3 or 5, or Intel I3 or I5

    Don't buy a server with the CPU you listed, it's nine years old (2009) and compared to a modern CPU it'll sip multiple times the wattage for equivalent performance
  5. Just to expand a bit: A Minecraft server runs its main thread on one core with some tasks like networking and chunk loading being done on other cores. This means that adding more than four cores (like having an old two socket system with E5520s) probably won't bring any noticeable improvement in performance if you're running a single server, unless there's some mods that are really really good with using multiple cores at once.

    Unless you really really really want to run your own system I would recommend rented hosting since you'd have to run a server and play on it for at least for a few years before an owned server (~$300) would start to become a more cost effective solution
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