[Research] What do you believe is the best advertisement option?

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  1. Hello. So I am currently doing research, for what will be my upcoming MC server.

    So allow me to explain - Advertisements. We know them we see them everywhere. What Advertisement methods do you recommend?

    - YouTube: Hire a YouTuber for them to make videos on the server and advertise the link in their videos.
    - Premium List on a Multiplayer List
    - Facebook/Twitter Promos
    - Other methods? (Leave them below!)

    Also alongside that, what do you believe to be a "decent" advertisement budget. I am looking to invest at least 50% of the budget into advertisement (once I figure how much ill spend on the project)

    Thanks for the information!
    - iCodinqs
  2. latiku


    Sponsored slots would cost a minimum of $1,000 if you're lucky.
  3. I am aware of the cost, and they will certainly be high :p
  4. Spamming on big servers like Mineplex, Hypixel, HiveMC, and so on.
    Go get some bots, friends, and yourself and spam
    "JOIN MY SERVER ITS SO GREAT, FREE STAFF, FREE RANKS, JOIN NOW 123 (.) 456 (.) 789 :)) 66666"

    Never mind, that's the answer to "The fastest way to get yourself and your server DDoSed"

    I wouldn't suggest paying YouTubers, a situation with YouTubers I suggest is simply, get some small YouTubers to record on your server, it doesn't always matter how many views you get, or people that see it, sometimes it matters how many videos might be up on YouTube or Twitch of your server.

    YouTube "Minecraft Factions Servers" would you rather have 1 video with 10,000 views, or 50 videos, 0-100 views?
    I would rather have multiple videos personally.

    Server Lists: No. Don't pay them. Absolutely not worth it, honestly. Get people to vote, get to the top of the listings honestly.

    Those are nice, giveaways of ranks, items, packages, $10 on the store, and so on.

    If you think any of my message is useful in any way, you can always contact me on Skype for further help, advice on your server, concepts, ranks, perks, plugins, xenforo, ubuntu/related, and pretty much anything that might be related to a Minecraft server.
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  5. The problem with YouTubers, especially ones with millions of subscribers, is they tend to bring in the wrong kind of players. As a server owner, you're likely looking for dedicated players who will join your server/network and stay there. With a YouTuber, a lot of users will join JUST to see the YouTuber/attempt to be recognized by the YouTuber. This leads to a lot of spam, fangirls, and annoyance of your regular playerbase (if you have one). Now, that's not saying ALL players gained by YouTubers will be that way, but a lot will be.

    Sponsored server list slots have been the most beneficial by far, from my experiences as a server manager. You will get a boatload of advertisers and hackers (especially if your server is pvp-heavy), but you will also get a lot of users who are genuinely looking for an engaging, fun experience. If you can provide that, your network will show a large jump in players and revenue.

    Social media might not be the best way to start out, because starting from nothing on social media these days is usually difficult, in my opinion. But, once you have a solid playerbase, using social media will be beneficial, since you will have people to like and share your posts, which bring in more people. You could also do giveaways or other contests to encourage people to share your server information.

    A "decent" advertisement budget will vary depending on your method of advertisement, but advertising is a lot more expensive than most people think. Sponsored slots can be the most expensive, or they can actually be reasonable depending on the time of year or how inflated the prices get.

    Hopefully that helps you a little bit. :)
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  6. Thank you for the information both of you :)

    At the moment the server doesn't have any player base (that's because I haven't started to work on the actual server ;)).

    With what I am currently planning to do is perhaps contact hire some non"toxic" bringing YouTubers. The Server lists I have had a lot of consideration for, though the prices, aren't really worth it in my opinion, and as well its not always a good long term solution. Since prices bounce all the time. Though based on what you have said, Bidding on server lists are my go-to option at the moment, though I have been trying to think of some new form's of advert for the server that won't harm the server rep (looking at you @IndieGuts ;) ps. im joking :p). I have had a possible way, of maybe posting banners around my city etc. Some "real life" advertisement ;)
  7. Yeah, they may not work long-term unless you can continue to participate in the auctions every month. The lower sponsored slot you have, the smaller amount of players will see and join your server. Anything below the 5th slot isn't likely to be very helpful, and since the prices have been so inflated recently, I don't see it as a viable option for a server just starting out (top slot for April on .org cost $17999, 2nd slot $16250). However, sponsored slot servers have a huge potential for growth. Just make sure you can make the money back.
    This may be a good idea, smaller YouTubers typically cost less and will bring a fair amount of players to your server, depending on the content they create. Personally, I wouldn't consider this to be a long term option, either, since there's not always going to be a thousand people watching the video at a time. I would suggest YouTubers with only a few hundred thousand subscribers for minimal fangirling.
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  8. This option would be more so of a bump, what will gain some players, what will then vote, thus meaning ill rank higher on the server lists, therefore, gaining more players, and more funding towards the server, what I can then start to consider bidding on a server list
  9. That's fair. Just make sure you offer an incentive for voting, or no one will want to. I've actually never been a part of a server where voting was a reliable way to get more players. I'm not saying it won't work for you, and I'm sure it works fine for other servers/networks.

    The number one thing to have in addition to any form of advertising, though, is engaging, interesting, and fun gamemodes that don't go overboard. I don't know if you have your server designed already, but keep that in mind when deciding what features to add. Good luck with your project! :)
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  10. latiku


    I'd pick sponsored slots over youtubers any day of the week. The reason why I don't recommend dealing with youtubers is that you can easily get screwed over (@drtshock experienced this firsthand), plus they're just not worth the expenses.

    A friend of mine paid a 100k+ youtuber a good amount for a video on his server, he got 250 on launch and it quickly died a week after. He only made 25℅ of his investment back.
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  11. Definitely YouTube videos. Buying premium slots on server lists is only temporary while a video lasts forever (unless it gets deleted...). I one joined a server because I was interested in a video on it made by an admin 3 YEARS AGO.
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