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  1. I need a way to make reserved slots for my bungee server

  2. I thought bungee was infinite slots. Example if you have 10 slots in the config people can join past that since that number is just what's show and not forced to that many. Example server could have 1000/1 online.
  3. Chalkie
    No, there is a option if config for "player-limit: " that's the real amount of slots. Mines at 400 but it's full and I want donators to be able to join even when its full.
    It's not infinite because I only have 32gb ram on my Bungee server at the moment, I have ordered an extra 64gb but it comes this weekend
  4. My apologies then. I thought you were talking about max_players: which is only visual, I have not yet used or seen player-limit in my config.
  5. Set the playerlimit to -1 in the config for infinite.
  6. TitanicFreak


    BungeeCord should be able to handle 400 players on 32GBs of ram easy...My BungeeCord can frikking run on 1GB fine with 100 people.
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  7. Mine just keeps crashing after 450 people join
  8. You are crazy? 32GB for only one Bungee? 8GB for 3k players
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  9. Dude, seriously? You don't need 32gb of RAM for Bungee. The reason it might be crashing is the CPU or something else. RSM is not everything you know.

    My old friend used to run BungeeCord off of a 2gb VPS from OVH and it held 1k players.
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