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  1. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to move this. So, the question I am asking is, how do I set up a /reset command? I'm setting up an OP Prison and was wondering if there was anyway that if somebody could do /reset and it would reset them to the lowest rank, if you're asking why I would want this, it's because I'm thinking that players that have gone to the maximum rank may want to reset and take the challenge again, the permission plugin I use is PermissionsEx if that helps. If anybody knows how I could go about adding this command, please let me know!

    - Rhys
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    This is possible with my rankup plugin Ezrankslite. You can specify what ranks players can reset at, what happens when they reset, even charge economy money to reset.
  3. That's brilliant! I already use this plugin! Is it in the config?