Spigot ResetDay Version 1.1.1

Always keep full daylight all over your server

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    ResetDay - Always keep full daylight all over your server

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  2. I would like to request the one feature you mentioned for configurable worlds.
  3. I need to remake this plugin as it is poorly designed and kinda buggy, and I'll include this feature. Expect it either tonight or this weekend.
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    Added Multi-World Support

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  5. @2N3RD4U The new version is up and fixed. Did a remake and simplified everything.
  6. Thank you, I'll try it out soon!
  7. Literally... A vanilla server can do this...

    /gamerule doDaylightCycle false

    And BAM time stops for that world .-.
  8. Shhhh...:)
  9. Oh yeah lol, I forgot about that xD. Who uses vanilla when you can have a plugin for it?