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  1. I have used "command" flag and users are not blocked from using commands.
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    Not nearly enough information for anyone to be able to help. At a minimum:
    • Spigot version ("latest" is not a version): /version
    • Residence version ("latest" is not a version): /version Residence
    • relevant sections of configuration files where the flag is activated and defined
    • any relevant WARN or ERROR messages from console/log
    • anything else that might help someone evaluate the situation
  3. Hello, is there a way to remove the restriction on placing water above height 63? Edit: Clarifying as placing water outside residences.
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  4. Hello Zrips,

    I didn't find any command to display a list of my/the defined flag templates, and there is no auto complete for lists neither when using /res lists apply nor when using /res lists view. Would be nice not do look in the configuration to get the names. Or did I oversee the necessary command?


  5. Hi i need for resadmin flags - waterbreathing, dolphin and nightvision. You could add that if resadmin is used you set any effect you want in residence :)
  6. console commands work? i try to resadmin pset via console and dont work. only work via inside the game if try in chat

    spigot 1.15.2 and latest version of residence.
  7. Residence enters the command / res set, the description cannot be displayed in the interface
    What should I do?
  8. /res set shop message enter false

  9. renters not allowed to change anything in the area they are renting?
    this seems wierd whats the point of renting then
  10. Greetings! I have a big problem with groups - nobody goes in any residence group, not even default group, no matter what group permissions I set. It happened right after migrating my server from spigot 1.14.4 to paper spigot 1.14.4-243. I use Residence version
    Please help.
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  11. Zrips updated Residence [1.7.10 up to 1.15] with a new update entry:

    Fixing things

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  12. Hey Zrips. I want to disable the message that is outputted when you break a block that isn't your claim. I've set up the permissions and everything and it just comes down to disabling the message. How do I go about doing so?
  13. Hello Zirps,
    I've already bought your CMI plugin and it's great! Now I'm searching for a AntiGrief/Residence management plugin.
    But I have a question before buying: Is it possible to create residences with forms like for example a T-shape or only square ones?
  14. Hi, I have problem with tab complete - when i write /res tp TAB it write "An internal error occurred while attempting to tab-complete this command"
    console error:
  15. @Euphonique:
    I don't know, whether you can create "real" round residences by
    one command, but
    "only square ones" is surely *not* correct: :)

    You can define several rectangle areas (one of them the main zone),
    which all together form one single residence.

    see -> /res area [add/remove/replace] [areaID] – Add or remove areas to the residence.

    Because "These can overlap with areas of the same residence.",
    You are able to create a sort of round or oval residence out of rectangles ...



  16. The functional error of /res rt has not been fixed and cannot be set. Enabled: true
    MaxCoord: 1000
    MinCoord: 500
    CenterX: 0
    CenterZ: 0
  17. Zrips updated Residence [1.7.10 up to 1.15] with a new update entry:


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  18. A small reminder, it's probably best to post bugs on Github:

    Make sure you're not re-posting an issue already reported by someone else.

    To prevent issues during this testing period (in order to start it up)

    a- keep buildtools.jar current, and use it to keep your spigot-1.16.1.jar current.
    b- make sure you have economy installed, for example cmi + economy enabled, and then use cmi's compiled vault.jar or vault.jar + cmiinjector.jar
    c- make sure you have worldedit installed. enginehub's latest builds for worldedit-bukkit-7.2.0-SNAPSHOT-dist.jar seems to work fine.