Solved Residence & Essentials Economy help

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  1. I am currently using EssentialsX series (excluding geoip and xxmp, for I am not quite sure what they are for) and Residence plugin by Zrips (Vault installed). I am not sure what economy system Residence uses under such circumstance, for I didn't install an economy plugin. I guess it shares the economy system with the essentialX plugins. Is this true?

    Also, if it is the case, is there a way that I can make all the residence making operations free (not costing money in the economy system) ?
  2. Yes, EssentialsX is bundled with an economy system (/bal, /baltop, /pay, /eco, ...)
    And I guess you can set the price to $0 to make the operation free, or maybe there's an option in Residence's config?

    (And GeoIP is used to know from what country the player is coming from, and XMPP is to use the XMPP protocol for the chat which is... not really useful anymore)
  3. Much thanks, i will check it out later
  4. Residence will probably need you to install Vault,so Essentials and Residence can hook up in it and share informations (I think it works like that or something, not sure x))
  5. thanks for the head up
  6. I have checked the config.yml of both Resident and EssentialsX plugins and didn't find an argument indicating the plot price. Need more help.
  7. You can change in the groups.yml the cost of the creation of a residence per blocks line 93 for the Default group
  8. Problem solved. Much thanks!