[RESOLVED] Server crash exploit?

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  1. Hello, yesterday I was in a discord call with someone who kinda has beef against me and my server. He said he would do some kinda exploit in vanilla mc that would not only crash the server but also remove all the terrain in the world. I was extremely confused when he said this, because I've been running this server for 3 years and never heard of an exploit like this, I thought he was just trolling but I actually seen him going to make the farm.

    The only information I got about his plan is that it involves a gold farm in the nether and that he said that this exploit is not well known in the mc community. He gave very little detail on how it works or exactly what it is. He has been playing this game longer then me and he has told me some of things he has done in the past e.g. crashing/breaking servers.

    Now I know what you're thinking right now and that is: Why not just ban the user? Well, he has alternate accounts and a VPN. or that this post sounds stupid or like I'm dumb, but hear me out! I don't know every exploit in the game because I'm not trying to find exploits like other people do.

    My questions here is: Does anyone know what exploit or glitch he is referring to and if so how can I patch it before its to late?
  2. Hello!

    I never heard about this ever. It could be real, it could be fake, I don't know. What I do know is that a VPN is easly blockable, just use an anti-VPN plugin. Be sure to make enough back-ups of your server might this be real. If this does happen to your server (I don't hope so) post it on Spigot with all logs etc. included.
  3. People that say this stuff aren't worth your time and effort. Unless your server supports this behavior, he's in violation of your rules. Remove his access to your services, and discontinue communication. Log any threads/threats, and the information you have on him in private in case of escalation. The less attention you give malicious users, the least amount of wood they get for their troll fire.

    Deal with it in private behind the scenes, not in front of his face - he clearly can't be trusted, why waste time listening to what they have to say? People will eventually run out of alt accounts, vpns, proxies, etc. He's not serious about your server, you are. his bag of tricks will run out.
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  4. Look at the bright side: You got a new active player :p
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    nah he's 99% bullshitting u. the only thing i've seen that 'crash' servers (lags them a shit ton) is hacked clients which send massive amounts of packets, causing this, or some other weird ass thing a hacked client does (bypass character limits, etc) other than that, he's just bullshitting
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  6. remove //calc permissions from worldedit from players and you're pretty much set if you run 1.8.9 or higher.
    he won't be able to crash, don't worry. also, since he's actually threatening you, you are free to ban him for that, as that is in violation of human rights, aka laws in general, and that's something every player should follow so no players should be able to say "that was an unjustified ban" or something along those lines.
  7. Issue resolved, thanks for your support guys!
    I got the rule breaker to confess his plan. What he was going to do with that gold farm is get a bunch of wither skulls to make 10s of withers near spawn to cause mass amounts of lag and ruin the terrain.
    I've since then Username and IP banned comitalist and his alt OCDCraft
    I'll be making certain commands to be ran when TPS gets below 10 like /killall wither and /killall mob
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    'an exploit' LOL.
  9. Well, I didnt know what it was. Because he actually said "It will remove all the terrain in the world and only thing left will be spawn"