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Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by teozfrank, Jul 7, 2015.

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  1. As the title suggests, im looking for a small VPS or a cloud hosted server with about 4gb of RAM for minecraft so I guess Id need about 8gb in total.

    I used to have a 32gb server but that was overkill for my needs and I hardly used its resources. Unfortionatly I cannot find anything smaller than 16gb of RAM for a vps server, could anyone reccomend one to me?

  2. Try to look Extravm by MikeA

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  3. Those prices are a little more reasonable, has anyone had experience with extravm?
  4. OVH Cloud VPS.
  5. Digitalocean are really good i have had a few vps' with them
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    Thanks :)
  7. Kimsufi KS-4 would be better than getting a VPS since it's a dedicated server with 16GB of ram and can handle 100+ players at just $27.99.
  8. Used DigitalOcean have always been very good! Slightly dearer than what you seem to be looking for but remember OVH is running slower, HDD server while the likes of DO and Linode will use more higher powered servers running SSD's.

    OVH Classic VPS's are notorious for running Minecraft badly, go with their cloud range of you really must go with OVH, can I ask what's wrong with a KS-4 from Kimsufi?
  9. Just got a 1gb server from fragnet, Its all I really need for now, dont want to spend time setting up a mc server again with a dedi machine as I thought about it and dont really need it. The server is only for personal use and as a testing server really, thanks guys for trying to help out!
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