[Resolved] XenForo || how to make it live?

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  1. I wanna host Xenforo on a web host, which I am assuming OVH.com VPS should be it? from my GoDaddy Domain account. How can I do this?
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  2. Do you have access to this domain?
  3. Yes I do have access to the domain which is from GoDaddy, and OVH.
  4. You need to install appache and setup virtual hosts for that domain with the files being in for example /var/www/forums
  5. How would this be done? is there a video you recommend I watch or a blog to read through? since I see a lot of links in their download page.
  6. What is your server running?
  7. what do you mean? I use GoDaddy for domain, dedicated is from nocix.net,
  8. What is my server running? As in OS? CentOS
  9. This thread is a joke. It's full of people giving short nonsensical answers to a person who is new to this.

    OP, you can run the following commands to install a web server on your dedicated server, this will allow you to host websites.

    yum install httpd

    This installs an Apache webserver which is the most popular one, nigix is another option however it is more complicated so I'd recommend learning the basics on Apache. You will also need PHP (the programming language XenForo is written in) and MySQL (a database server, a way of storing data for your website). This is called a LAMP stack. Here is a DigitalOcean (a company providing virtual servers) article on setting this all up (including Apache); https://www.digitalocean.com/commun...linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-centos-7

  10. thank you, I am assuming "gum install httpd" is a command for something like PuTTY? if so it says "zsh: command not found: yum"
  11. Run the command "yum install httpd" without quotations. If it's an unknown command you're not running CentOS.
  12. Operating System CentOS 6 (latest)
    Processor Phenom II X4 840
    Ram 16 GiB
    Disk 120 GB 2x 1 TB "
  13. What command are you trying to run
  14. ikr lmao
  15. install httpd and php
    Follow that guide, it will guide you through installing webserver. Then move your xenforo files to the html folder, then set permissions in intrenal_data and data, then set it up. Let me know how it goes :)
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    This thread is a joke because it's got people recommending apache/httpd over much better web server softwares..
  17. That really the most basic thing to running a webserver..
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    Hu, so Apache is now the only type of web server? Huh...

    Apache is a system whore. It uses up way too many resources.

    Go with a real web server like nginx, much better.
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