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  1. I can't understand why it was rejected. I have worked hard to make this plugin, and I made it hard.

    Rejected Reason:

    Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Resource Update in 'ExperienceMultiplier [PLUGIN RELEASE SALE 20% OFF]' - Low effort resource with beginner coding mistakes. Improve the quality of your code design (e.g. by properly and efficiently using OOP/Bukkit/Java API) if you want to release it as a premium resource! Also please make sure that your description is of a certain quality and doesn't have easily solvable formatting errors.
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  2. Im not really sure why you posted this thread.

    The reason they gave you seems pretty obvious. "Write higher quality code". Just because someone works hard on something doesn't mean it meets the quality standards that SpigotMC staff are looking for.

    We (the people reading this thread) can't see your code, so I'm not really sure what response you are looking for here.
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  3. it would be very difficult for him to understand such vague measure "higher quality code". do we even have the definition of this so-called "higher quality code"? If SpigotMC has such standard for the quality, it would be beneficial to many, who wish to publish their premium resources, and should be placed somewhere on SpigotMC site.
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  4. Choco made a great thread that can and has helped many people
    Beginner Programming Mistakes and Why You're Making Them
  5. that won't even qualified to be used for making such measurement...yes, it's a classic textbook material, but not at the level of defining the "quality".

    Well a message to OP, you just need to keep practicing coding. If they don't like it, so be it, and if you think your new work "might" pass their judgement, you can try again. However, "guessing" why your work was not qualified when only vague unmeasurable qualitative comments were provided would be ....
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  6. Well im guessing their standards aren't terribly high, since I have seen (and have purchased) some crappy premium plugins.

    That said, I have peaked at a few of the OP's plugins, looking at their source codes (which is a bit hard to read since they're either obfuscating or have an odd compiler) I can easily see why the resource might have been rejected.

    Im no java expert, far from it, but based on the bit of code I have seen the OP needs to spend a little more time learning some basic Java, OOP as well as some general programming logic.

    ex in one of their codes (I typed it out similar to what they have done.
    Code (Java):
    if (something == true) {
        something = false;
    if (something == false) {
        something = true;
    as anyone who is decent to very good at java knows there are many ways to do this that are much more efficient, ie: using if/else, or even just opposing the positive to a negative.

    Again, reading code like this, I can easily understand the resource staffs decision on rejecting their resource.
  7. Is that what OP wrote or was it produced by a decompiler? Was there any obfuscation or optimisation done to OP's code to produce the final byte code? If any of those are "yes", it is very silly to judge "quality" from such code... He could say "well, my compiler, optimiser, obfuscator did it..."

    Anyway, it's up to OP now whether he would like to keep shooting in the dark or not ;)
  8. Strahan


    I had this same discussion with garbagemule awhile back. It's hard to pin down what exactly defines things like "basic Java" or in this case, "quality" code. It's one of those things like I can't tell you exactly what it is, but I know it when I see it (or the lack thereof). There are just certain things that point to ineptitude / lazy coding. Also depends on the perception and experience of the evaluator. Some of my first plugins I thought "well, this works, this isn't bad!" but now looking back it makes me cringe lol
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  9. yes, but if the developers are indeed beginner, they would have no idea what those are unless they are clearly communicated with and not just "Low effort resource with beginner coding mistakes. Improve the quality of your code design (e.g. by properly and efficiently using OOP/Bukkit/Java API)". that was my point.
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