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  1. banner.png

    1.0 Introducing
    Resource Banner is a banner generator for spigot plugin developers to shows their plugin statistics. Incase you want to add your resource list on your resource page that updated automatically. You can use it as your signature aswell :).

    This service kindly hosted by Plajer.


    2.0 Resource List
    this banner shows list of your resources

    2.1 Usage<authorID>

    2.2 Queries
    You can use these queries to customize Resource List Banner
    • width - Change the width
    • size - Change the max amount of resource can be displayed
    • sort - Sort the list (name, downloads, premium, rating)
    • order - Sort order (ascend, descend)
    • resourcewidth - Change the resource width
    2.3 Examples

    3.0 Single Resource

    This banner shows a single resource data

    3.1 Usage<resourceID>/banner.png

    3.2 Queries
    width - Change the shape width

    3.3 Examples

    4.0 Random Resource
    Generates banner randomly from author's resource list.

    4.1 Usage<authorID>

    4.2 Examples

    5.0 Global Queries
    font : change the font (value: string)
    subfont : change the subfont (value : string)
    color : change the color (value : hex color)
    bright : change color scheme (value : boolean)
    rainbow : change image format to GIF and change the banner background to rainbow dynamically (value: boolean)

    6.0 Font List ( or

    7.0 Source Code

    8.0 Note
    This banner will always updated, but not with the data. As far as i know, the data updated once every the resource author update the resource. New resource took 2 hours to be registered on spiget data.

    9.0 Banner Types (Update 18 Feb 2019, by @Plajer)
    You can change the banner background shape using "type" query.
    For example:
    9.0 Marquee Text

    Generates marquee text

    9.1 Usage<text>

    9.2 Queries

    size - Change the marquee length

    9.3 Examples I love you 3000
    [​IMG] I love you 3000?size=150

    If you still confused how to use this, you can visit (not yet updated)

    - @Septogeddon
    - @Plajer

    Thank you~ :)

    (*powered by Spiget & Spigot)
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  2. Maybe have the ability to not have stuff inside brackets [ ] or ( ) show on the title?
  3. Very good and helpful project, i like it!

    Nicoh - Admin di JustDevs
  4. Choco


    This would be appreciated regardless of whether or not someone wants to host the project for you. It's an overall nifty idea and reminds me a lot of Shields for git projects. Host the source on GitHub. Would be a great learning experience ^-^ Would also allow us to contribute to the project, which while it's closed source, might I suggest dynamically expanding the beveled background based on the length of the title? The resource titles get cut off currently ;P
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  5. This is an incredibly awesome idea.
    Hopefully this will be a great thingy. I Would use this myself ;)
  6. TheJavaHacker


    I wouldn't mind hosting this for you for free and let's hope it takes off. Just PM me.
  7. Thanks to @Plajer for hosting this
    Now you can use this.
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  8. This is a great idea, good job.
  9. Nice! Many plugin authors could defiantly use this.
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  10. Update:
    - Added sort ("rating","downloads","name","premium") and order("ascend","descend") query handlers
    - Fixed color query handler
    - Now you can use this in multiple ways
    - Redesigned Generator page (by @Plajer ) (the page is not fully ready yet -plajer)
    - Fixed premium resource badges layout
    - Added some extra fonts
    - Nicecolor now only have 3 color by default, try it now using query "nicecolor=true"

    Thank you guys for your support~ :D
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  11. bump for nothing
  12. finally reach
    3k requests
    with 81 hours uptime
  13. Im Curious where the data is being pulled from
    I put the images in my signature. For GraviTree it shows 201 downloads
    Also it shows the plugin has 1 rating, yet theres three
    Yet, my plugin has more downloads than that
    Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 1.13.14 am.png
    Screen Shot 2018-11-16 at 1.13.41 am.png
  14. MiniDigger


    I would guess spiget.
  15. Yip, I have the same issue.
  16. MiniDigger


    yep, spiget is lacking behind with the data, it shows 5.0/1 for gravitree, nothing op can do about.
    another future issue could be that spigot caches images, so they will never be 100% up to date.
  17. Pretty sure if you just link the image it will always update - at least that's what it's doing for me.
  18. MiniDigger


    Not instantly iirc. Someone was complaining about that for his resource description the other day.
  19. It's really good idea make status for maked plugins with ratings!
    I'm can suggest one idea please make banner with user statistics (ratings, topics, etc.).

    Good job!
  20. that was me!
    I wasn't aware they were cached on the website.
    Also, the one for my signature, i don't think its cached because if you reload the page, the colors constantly change.
    But thanks for letting me know the data comes from Spiget and its not the OPs problem. The more i know :)