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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Vagdedes, Jan 21, 2020.

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  1. Vagdedes


    Hello everyone,

    Realistically speaking, SpigotMC works like a forum when it comes to competition. The more buyers you have, the more the platform will blindly promote you. I am a victim of this, hence why I complain, and I've had plenty of discussions with other sellers who are in the same position as me.

    It doesn't matter how good of a problem resolver you are, how many updates you release, how consistently you update, how active you are, what your reviews say, etc. If a competitor has more buyers, the platform will redirect more traffic to them, resulting in them growing faster.

    I've tried reaching to the XenForo, and they confirmed that by default this is how it works. If you want their forum websites to treat sales differently, that's very much possible, but it needs modifications. Forum searches bring the biggest and most recent to the top.

    So many people use this platform as a hobby, part-time/full-time job, and they ask a fair price or donation in return. The platform keeps limiting many due to bad processing of information & lack of processing of information. In the other hand, <redacted> is clearly smaller, clearly losses, but is many times better.

    I am not blaming, I am not negative, I just genuinely believe this isn't fair, and can be easily corrected. It's been bugging several sellers I've been in private contact with, including me, and I suppose many more.

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  2. I can agree the system is not perfect, although I'm not familiar with that competiting forum - care to explain how it works there?
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  3. People who advertise their plugin more (personally) and keep up their plugins over a long time get more downloads. People who also have the best plugins for the job also get the most downloads.

    You have what looks to be a great mini-game maker plugin. For someone who wants to make something custom, and quick this is great.

    However, most people who want mini-games, will look into current trends for popular mini-games. Most dont try to make their own. So searches more likely than not, are 'Skywars plugin' Bedwards plugin' Survival Games plugin' etc etc.

    Also, I would hardly like you to call yourself a 'victim' here. You have a good anti-cheat, with a cost of $22, and close to 3000 downloads. Are you really a victim here? I would be very proud of myself if I had something like that.

    I'd like to know anyone here to comment on if this is a part-time or full-time job for them (selling plugins etc), because personally, I find that rather silly. I've always believed that this is something more for fun, or if anything, people will simply tip you for a bit of honest work.

    I'm sorry if you feel like this is an attack towards you, (I'm not trying to be rude in my wording) but I honestly disagree with much of what you've mentioned here.

    If someone finds my plugin, and uses it, then brilliant! But I would never in my life believe I could do this as a proper money maker. Its crazy to me, for people to believe they could.

    EDIT: If I google search for 'mc anti cheat plugin' yours is the first of any paid ones to show up. Yes this is google, and not the searching within Spigot itself, but cmon, really? Its not that bad....
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  4. Vagdedes


    My problem here is mostly with my anticheat plugin, not my minigame plugin. However, the problem is general, hence why I bring it up.

    I have worked really hard to reach almost 3k customers and I continue doing so. Google has me on the top because my reviews are better, my updates consistent, and my replies formal & proper. This just proves the fact that SpigotMC is not processing such information properly, resulting in my resource being mistreated.

    I agree with you mostly and I understand that you aren't trying to attack me, but my achievements have nothing to do with me feeling like a victim. If you were to look this from my perspective, there is attention to detail, and that's because I actually do it full-time.
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  5. But isn't this countering what your saying?

    If you DO do this full time, then isn't is perfectly expected for you to be updating your plugins often, keeping up with issues, and responding to various issues in the correct way?
    I would assume that hard work, is part of what being a full time developer is.

    Nothing comes easy or simple. Even for example, if you were owning a small company, you'd be shadowed by massive corporations etc, and theres nothing you can do against them, except for keep at it 100% and work every dam day to get noticed.

    I can understand you might feel that a certain way a site or whatever can hold back from you been noticed in the way you would like to be, based on the work effort you may put into this.

    However, on that same note, I find it difficult to understand how you expect a site and API (Spigot) to be a stable and adaptive place for you to host a full time job. Its a project a forum run purely voluntary by a select number of people, and I don't know why you would expect a platform like that to up hold your need for it notice you and your 'full time role'.

    This is why I state it rather silly or perhaps unwise to consider using Spigot as a main source for income.
    I'm of course not suggesting Spigot will just die tomorrow. But its not build around maintaining full time work...
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  6. Honestly though? Google doesn't care about your ratings, replies, or updates. It doesn't think about whether you're selling something or if it's worth it. If someone searches by the name of your plugin, Google just does its best to provide whatever's closest to the keywords.

    Spigot was never meant to be a competitive market for your plugins, so of course it isn't built like one. The Xenforo plugins used - at least the majority - aren't custom-coded, so not everything's tweaked to tip-top shape and exactly as one might desire, let alone a whole community.
    A lot of developers here are just hobbyists who take donations or might've published a few simple paid resources though (in other words, most probably don't want to seriously compete like it's a business). If you need more of a profit on your work, your best options might be to take it elsewhere or just do something else overall.
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  7. Really interesting, I didn't even know this was happening :/
  8. This isn't anything new. You can hardly say that these big plugins are promoted though. They've just been around longer - many of them probably having used Java a good while longer than us - and managed to rack up a following, so of course they're going to show up when you sort by downloads..
    The search options are there though; most owners already have an idea of what they're going for by the time they're looking for plugins, even if they don't know the exact plugin to use. Spigot by no means goes, "Hey, this is one of the best plugins! You need it for your server!" either. You just have to make a name for yourself and give it time just like anybody else. It's as simple as sometimes it works out in your favor and other times it doesn't
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  9. Vagdedes


    As I said, this situation has been buried in my memory since I first truly encountered it, specifically in 2018. I read a lot of things I wanted to hear, and many I clearly didn't want to hear, but bringing this up made me realize my situation more clearly and accept it for good. @Escad thank you very much for your advice, you helped me resolve this.

    I will leave this thread open for the next hour or so, for anyone wanting to submit something. Have a great day.
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  10. Google also sorts the results using the more viewed pages (more popular one), that way if you type Facebook, is gonna come out first since it's more frequently viewed than any other website containing the word Facebook
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