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  1. Sorry for post this here, but spigot forum not have a session resource packs
    Hello guys,

    I've been having a problem with texture pack in my server.
    I have a DayZ server and need to know if there is a way to change the "angle" of certain items by the texture.
    On my dayz server, I work on changing the texture of game items and "transform" those items into weapons.
    My problem is:

    My server has many guns, I have to create them on items that are not "minecraft tools"
    When I change the textures in the items, the texture looks great when the player puts the item in hand and sees the item in the first person. The problem begins to happen when the player plays in third person or "looks" some player with a weapon in the hand

    "tools" item with modified texture:

    "No tools" item with modified texture

    When the item is viewed in first person, it looks the same and correct.

    "tools" item with modified texture:

    "No tools" item with modified texture,
    it gets VERY small and VERY strange in the hand...
    When the item is seen in the hand of another player or third person, if the item is not a tool, it is too small in the hand and wrong.

    I want to know if I can "change" the "angle" of items to the texture, to fixe this problem i'm having.
    When a player sees a player with a "tool" in their hand, it is right in the texture, it is the right size.
    Now when the player sees a player with an item that is not a "tool" in the hand, the item becomes very small and that is my problem...
    I wanted to know if I can change the angle of items that are not "tools" by texture, so that items that are not tools are "bigger" in the hand.
    Note: Tools itens = Iron pickaxe, wood axe, gold shovel, etc.
    No tools itens = diamond , iron ingot, disc itens, etc

    Please help me fix this :/
    my Skype: ninovizi
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