Spigot Resource Pack Downloader 7.4

This plugin allows you manage server resource packs with ease.

  1. Joshb_


    Is the pack bigger than 5MB?
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  2. it´s 30,9MB. Minecraft to 1.15 can handly 50Mib. Aftger that 100Mib. So that´s not the problem.
  3. Joshb_


    Hm ok, ill look into it but I cant stress enough that all this plugin does is send the resourcepack to the player via API with the download link. I dont control anything else.
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  4. Downloadlink is o.k., that´s not the problem.

    Delete the files in server-resource-packs-folder and try again.
  5. Still the same problem
  6. tried another pack?
  7. Yes, same problem
  8. hm, you can download it with your internet-browser, it´s direct-download-link. It´s below 100mib. That´s all o.k.

    Maybe disalbe permission-tool for testing.
  9. It seems you have a .rar
    I recommend you change it to a .zip.
  10. Changed to a .zip stil same thing
  11. How?
  12. depents on the tool you are using.
  13. Every time I am logging in the resource pack is downloading... Can I make it only one tam and save it in users' files?
  14. Can you please update for 1.16 the plugin ?
  15. Can you please update for 1.16 the plugin ? x2
  16. Joshb_


    What is not working about it. I used it on my 1.16.5 server and works fine
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  18. @Joshb_
    I am using paperSpigot 1.15.2 and got this error.
    Is this plugin not suitable for paperSpigot?