Resource pack not working

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  1. the link must have .zip at the end i think
  2. It doesn't work, it directs me to the page
  3. @Capehenrykid

    Windows Tutorial (I don't have a Mackintosh :p).

    1. Have a winrar or 7zip or an archive program.
    2. Have a paint program, I recommend paint.NET. Also, create a folder for the textures anywhere (I recommend desktop).
    3. Open your folders program.
    4. Type %appdata% in your locations bar.
    5. Go to .minecraft folder.
    6. Click version > (the version your pack is going to be) > (right click) (version as a .jar) > open with > (archive program).
    7. Go to the assets folder and drag the minecraft folder into the folder you made.
    8. Outside the Minecraft folder in the folder you made, make a 128x128 pixel picture for the icon called 'pack.png' and make a pack.mcmetta and copy this code into it:
    Code (Text):
          "description":"My Resource Pack"
    9. Have fun with designing the textures in the minecraft folder :3.
    Once you finished the texturing, compress the folder you made into a ZIP archive and go here to add it into minecraft:
    1. %appdata% - you know where XD.
    2. .minecraft > resourcepacks.
    Or just go to minecraft and click the 'Open Resourcepacks Folder' button.

    Ask if you want more questions.
  4. This is not a link to the file, this is a link to a dropbox download page. It will download nothing but the HTML.
  5. However when I put it in my server when it direct downloads with that link it does not work
  6. Use the link to the file, not the link to the download page... The link to the file always ends with /fileName ;)