Spigot Resource Points 1.1.1

Capture resource points to gain money and material

  1. Is there a way to edit the commands in the config file?
  2. When I write it there will be :)
  3. I can confirm the issue of not generating a config, however I am using Paper.

    Edit: Seems to not be active at all (not showing in plugin list).
  4. do you get any errors as I cant replicate this on a windows platform
  5. Just pulled this (from startup) - https://pastebin.com/KBhckwg1

    Seems to be trying to find something from towny (Towny is not installed)
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  6. thanks that's very handy ill make sure im skipping the towny check on startup
  7. Still not compiling on 1.14, please fix this would be great for my server.
    (Do i need to buy this or something???)
  8. Sorry bear with I need to fix a towny startup error if you don’t have the towny plugin

    I’m just away at the moment but will sort as soon as I can

    No purchase needed
  9. Hows 1.13.2 support going on? Still eagerly waiting for it xd
  10. Hey sorry manic week not had time to do any programming

    Hope to do a bit more once work settles :)
  11. spigot version 1.14.3
    last plugin update,
    The plugin dont load it give me a towny error
    i dont use towny, its a hard dependency?
  12. Eagerly awaiting 1.13.2 support. =)
  13. hey there, please do try the new version. its mainly for 1.14 but the signs should now go through any sign type so may work on 1.13
  14. hey, i write "Extractor" in the first line and the type (for example: "Mineral") and the plugin says: "2nd line should contain a type of extractor: []
    It seems to not recognize the extractors list.
    Ps. Sorry for my bad english :x
  15. hey there

    so you have "Extractor" on the first line, then "Mineral" on the second line? ( or the type of extractor you want on the 2nd line)
  16. Yes, i thought that "Mineral", or " Small-Power" were the "types"... Am i wrong?
  17. yes that should work as long as they in the config and load on start

    it is case sensitive so has to be Mineral not mineral
  18. Its possible make extractors of custom items from other plugins? Or items whit custo.nbt tags? If not this could be a really good addition.

    Another good adittion could be, an option to send extracted resources directly to the owner inventory only in certain extractors.

    And possibility to link a extractor whit an specific chest in in another part of the world (Admin pre defined).
    For example a community chest who can be opened by anyone. In the hearth of the citys.

    Or if i have 2 cities whit an extractor, when you capture the resource point from the enemy city the resources will send to your city chest until they claim her resource point again(A motivation for city wars).
  19. interesting idea, like a weapon factory churning out crackshot weapons ? Ill look into this

    I think we may keep the initial concept with the materials, but we do have the general theme youre going for already with funds, so capturing an extractor can pay money to the owner, and also to the town of the owner of the extractor directly. although they still need to go to the production location to collect hardware created