Spigot Resource Points 1.1.1

Capture resource points to gain money and material

  1. Just tried the newest version, and wow! No issues so far!

    Thank you for making this plugin :)! Only suggestion so far is to maybe make it so there's a config option for how close players can claim to the resource point, like, say, 2 chunks in every direction.

    Aside from that, it's great and my players are going to love it :)!
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  2. awesome fingers crossed I got all the issues :)

    no worries glad youre enjoying it, yes it will be a work in progress so ill add new stuff when I get a chance
  3. Just a question!

    Does it have or have plans to add MMOItems support?

  4. Not a bad idea I’ll have a look

    someone asked for crack shop weapons or ammo too which would be good for factory points