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  1. Hey,

    Have you ever gone onto a great Spigot resource that seems to be praised for it's craftsmanship and usability? Have you ever made a plugin yourself and gotten a negative review because of someone giving one star on an error they have come across instead of writing a bug report?

    I'm sure this has been talked about before, maybe already considered for implementation, but with the increasing amounts of one star reviews I see because of errors people have found I have started to get frustrated.

    Couldn't there be a way to stop people from writing plugin reviews if it's just a bug report intended to permanently scar the reputation of the plugin? Many people can be swayed from downloading a plugin just by looking at the stars it has been given through ratings.

    As I am not sure how easy this would be to add, or if it for some reason could not be added, I am not saying it is a necessity. It just sure as hell would be nice to see less rude, and/or uninformative reviews!

    Current Ideas:
    • Remove review system all together. (Dutchy1001)
    • Vote against bad reviews to have them deleted. (TheDarthFather)
    • Edit or write zenforo addon. (Proposed by MiniDigger as solution to TheDarthFather's idea)
    • Report invalid reviews. (Old Spigot)
    • Disable reviews per resource. (MiniDigger)

    Any of these ideas could be implemented. And if they were, Spigot would not only be a more developer-friendly environment, but a more precise way for people to find well-made plugins.

    This could take time to implement, but as far as I, and the many others facing this problem are concerned,

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  2. MiniDigger


    there was a option to report "invalid" reviews, but developer abused it so it was removed.
    doubt that it will ever come back.
    you just have to life with it, its the internet after all.

    unless you have a great idea to solve this problem, I don't see what spigot could do to fix it.
  3. An idea will be to allow the other reviewers to vote against a review and based on a score to be deleted ...
    Not perfect, but better ...

    I would see this working against haters .. see : 2.2.7 & 2.2.8 version reviews for MyPet.
    I would vote to delete those 1 Star, blackmail for MySQL reviews ....

    PS: Not sure how easy to implement here ....
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  4. MiniDigger


    thats the problem. spigot does not have the capacities to edit or write xenforo addon, so we are pretty much limited to off the shelve stuff.
    sooo unless you know a addon that does that or somebody who could write such a addon....
  5. I know very little about code, so there is nothing I could do myself. It disappoints me though to see people put so many ill-fated ratings towards good resources with little rationale as to why it deserves the rating.

    This seems like it would work much better than the current system.

    I just checked out the plugin you linked me too and was honestly disgusted. Someone put hard work into the creation of that plugin and was even generous enough to offer a free version, but people continued to blackmail him to integrate MySQL support. The internet is becoming a plague these days.
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  6. Why not remove the whole review system? If they like to know how the plugin performs then read the discussion pages.
    I get more out of the support that has been given on those pages then the reviews ever will do. It also might give them strait away were issue's can occur and what to look out for.
    90% of the bad reviews is just because they never read how to install a plugin or how to configure it ( I speak from experience here).
    I do not give any value on the reviews, yes it's nice to read when something nice is said, but you cant fight back (besides 1 comment) when they totally trash your plugin for no reason or their incompetent.
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  7. This is such a simple solution to the problem. What you said is completely true, the review section is just giving ignorant people opportunities to destroy the reputation of a resource that works well, and possibly even perfect in some ways.

    It wouldn't be too difficult for the Spigot developers to just strip that from the website's code, would it? I honestly don't know whether or not it would be this easy, as I have little experience in code and none in website development. If this would be possible to do without damaging the structural integrity of Spigot's site code, I would say this idea should definitely be taken into consideration if it hasn't been already.
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  8. MiniDigger


    I think I have suggested this before: allow authors to disable reviews on a per resource basis. I can't find the thread anymore (maybe I requested it personally in irc, idk) but it got declined (again, don't remember the reasons anymore, I have such a bad memory, lol)

    the best way to deal with wrong reviews currently is to get in contact with the author and try to find out why he did it and try to fix that.
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  9. someone could go vote down on all reviews on a resource. add a few other people doing that too and most reviews will disintegrate.
  10. I updated the post to display all of the ideas you guys have proposed. It is true though, this feature seems to be a problem as it has the ability to discourage developers who get their work criticized, typically with no valid reason for others to do so.

    Hopefully in time there can be some change towards this aspect of Spigot.

    Edit: In response to your idea, this could work but it doesn't seem all that practical. It would take time just to do this on one resource alone, and I could see some ways how it could possibly be an infringement of the rules.
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  11. One very simple way to change reviews for the better is allowing reviewers to delete their reviews at any time. Currently, reviews can only be deleted if the resource author hasn't responded. By being helpful and polite, resource authors could encourage low-rating reviewers to remove/modify their reviews -- something that isn't necessarily possible right now (besides not responding to the review directly if at all).
  12. I thought it was already possible to delete reviews. Isn't there a little trash can next to the one you made after you post it?
  13. Yes, but:
    You can't delete your review if the resource author responds. That's the problem.
  14. This has been talked about multiple times already, and @md_5 already has a firm decision. No need to further discuss it in my opinion.
  15. Since reporting reviews was removed, I have seen far too many troll reviews on resources. I am not affected by this problem, but many others are and something needs to be done. Now.
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  16. Ah, yes, I just realized this now. That would be a good idea to implement considering the author could then use his one response to talk to the person about how he could fix the error, or that he may add whatever is being requested, and then the one who made the review could change it accordingly.

    Well, yes, they may have made a decision about what has to be done, but as SamB440 said,

  17. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    I'm tired of these threads.

    The way reviews operate here is no different to the way they operate on yelp, google, facebook, tripadvisor, amazon, or literally any other website with reviews on it.

    You take the reviews on you average them out. Some of these sites allows users to vote on reviews, but these votes don't affect the average star rating. None of these sites allow authors/owners to delete reviews - that's literally what you and everyone who discusses reports are asking for, because reviews just get reported over and over again.

    Re: deleting your own review, only the latest counts towards the average.

    As for everything else, you are all affected in exactly the same way and plugins are ordered by relative rankings. Deal with the fact that you can't get 5 star reviews across the board, no other solution proposed is an acceptable way of ranking things, and if you find one, don't tell us, tell amazon or yelp because it's a million dollar problem.
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