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  1. Hello guys, i dont want to make this thread a witch hunt or donwgrade any DEV plugin but more often now, i'm seeing a bunch of resources that are:

    -> copy/paste from others
    this premium and this free
    this premium and this free
    this premium and this (bukkit) free (even the signs look alike -.-)
    . (i can keep this list that's for sure :p)
    All premium's have been added after the free ones and bring NOTHING new or diferent... i can't be 100% sure, but i'm almost 95% that this is greedy dev's trying to make money from other dev resources that are FREE!

    -> overly priced resources (5USD for 7kb?) seems VERY VERY greedy to me ....

    So the question is, what control "Resources" has?
    I know there is a team that handles all submits and after seeing the guidelines for resources to be accpeted i'm wondering what is going one :/

    Like i said, it's just a friendly thread created on Spigot Discussion, and like the name says, Discussion and idea trading with each others (;

    P.S: Not English Native so be gentle :3
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    As long as a premium resource meats or exceeds our minimum requirements it will be posted publicly. Just because there is a free alternative out there doesn't mean we are going to deny the developer the right to sell his plugin. Some times the paid version of a plugin can come with better support, more updates and better bug fixes. Although, if the paid version isn't any better than the free version, the public usually just stays with the free version and a few download the paid version. It's basically a publicly controlled checks and balances system.
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    Just based on the fact that there are free alternatives doesn't necessarily mean a plugin is "bad." As said above, premium plugins can come with aspects that free plugins don't -- such as better support and more updates.

    And if you think that a plugin isn't worth the money, don't buy it and use the free version. Nobody is forcing you to buy a plugin. :)
  4. @nhadobas me aswell as everyone else understand that no one is forced to buy a premium resource but in this 3 cases i showed on 1st post, shouldn't Spigot Resource Team have some control on premium resources being copy/paste from other dev resources? i know it almost impossible to control such thing as it's humanly impossible to "know" similar free resources to the one being posted.

    My point with this thread was to discuss especially this 3 examples of almost 95% certain are copy/paste from other dev's.
  5. If a plugin contains copyrighted code (e.g. because code was copy'n'pasted) be sure to notify spigot staff and the original author; the plugin will be deleted then.

    However copying a idea (and coding it worse) causes in no way trouble, as long as no code/assets/copyrighted stuff is copied.
  6. Also, size don't always matter. Many developers optimize their code to get the file as small as possible.
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