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would you like to have maps in resources

  1. yes - please extend resources for maps too

  2. yes - but i have other ideas (please post your ideas)

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  3. yes - only for free maps

  4. yes - only for premium maps

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  5. no - but please post why

  6. i have no opinion

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  1. minecraft7net



    i have idea to improve Resources - i think it will be nice idea if some builders will have place for selling they maps.

    personally i dont have time to build own spawns, maps, etc, and i dont have so much money to spend for dedicated map for 2000$. i think thereis alot of builders that will make nice maps and sell them.

    it can be too just for free like on planetminecraft.

    Resources -> Maps -> Spawns
    Resources -> Maps -> Lobby
    Resources -> Maps -> MiniGames
    Resources -> Maps -> Survival
    Resources -> Maps -> Spawns
    Resources -> Maps -> Unique
    Resources -> Maps -> dedidated for x/y/z - plugin
    and description tmplate :

    version 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 blocks
    world save / schematics

    please give it a chance :)
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  2. saphiria


    I like the idea, but there easy to fraud. People would copy.
  3. There have been so many threads already about selling maps. A lot of issues were associated with this and it was removed from the section. If you want to sell maps then I believe mc-market is a way more viable option.

    (Now I'm going to sit and wait for this thread to slowly lead to the EULA, as majority of the threads have done)

    Edit: just adding some links about previous threads on selling maps:
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  4. minecraft7net


    OK, but you can rate it and review.

    thanks for the answer, personally I am on the side of buyers
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  5. Wasn't trying to coerce you into siding otherwise, just pointing out that this idea was not welcomed multiple times. You can see the reasoning @md_5 gave on page 5 (of the second link I believe), just to gain a better understanding of why it doesn't exist.
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