Solved Resources must not depend on other premium resources?

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  1. From the Premium Resource Guidelines:
    Does this guideline only apply at time of approval? In other words, once a plugin is approved, can future updates use other premium resources as dependencies? Thanks in advance.
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  3. So uhm basically you could make like 4 premium plugins and make your users buy all 4 just to get 1 working? I think that wouldn't be fair at all
  4. SpigotMC only has grandfathering of a couple rules for premium resources, because they were released prior rule creation/change.

    All updates still have to follow at least the rules at resource creation, and if a new or changed rule is not grandfathered (idk if thats how to call it here), also the new/changed rule.
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  5. no, that is what the rule states you cannot do basically
  6. Followup question: Does this rule apply to soft-dependencies as well?
  7. Pretty sure if it's just a small feature is allowed
  8. This rule applies to ALL Dependencies. If you require a premium plugin for ANY functionality of your plugin, it is strictly disallowed.
  9. Thanks for the followup replies. I'm considering releasing a premium which soft-depends another premium for a minuscule feature, so I really hope @Fr33style is correct. Otherwise, a large number of plugins come to mind that would currently be in violation.
  10. They might be grandfathered from before the rule was added
  11. It's my understanding this rule was added in 2015; the ones I'm thinking of are much newer.
  12. Citizens is a premium plugin now(i know you can get it for free but that is irrelevant here, it is premium), i've seen quite a few premium plugins depend on it. How does it work here, are they all breaking the rules or soft dependencies are allowed?
  13. don't promote the feature you provide from the other premium plugin and you're fine i think
  14. No, it was added later. There rule definitely did not exist in the middle of 2017.
  15. It's my understanding such plugins with a free, alternative download are excluded, but I have no proof of this.

    That feels a little sketchy. Surely if it ever came to light, that'd at least be frowned upon?

    Forgive me, but can you provide proof? Wayback Machine shows it didn't exist as of Jun 15, 2015 and it was my impression that it was made shortly after this, but there's no other data until Apr 15, 2018.

    I get the feeling these guidelines are intentionally vague, but it'd still be nice if there some sort of changelog, or even just footnotes for grandfathered rules.
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    No, this does not apply to soft-dependencies. At least I never took it into consideration when reviewing resources. The purpose of a soft dependency is to be optional such that it does not interfere with the primary functionality of your plugin. i.e. if I soft depend on WorldEdit but my plugin requires a region to be selected by WorldEdit in order to configure the plugin properly, that just doesn't make any sense. In such a case the plugin would be rejected. So, no... You are fine to soft depend on premium resources so long as you're not doing it to circumvent an obvious hard dependency.

    To my knowledge, this was added in the latter half of 2017 / early 2018. It's relatively recent.
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  17. I know it because AACAdditonPro was released December 2016 and a half year later I did help him out with some stuff and I looked up spigotmc premium resource rules around that point.
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    Just some trivia, iirc that rule was added because of the token enchant disaster that flooded the section. Bunch of small paid add-ons to an already expensive plugins.
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