restart-script-location (will this work with .bat files)?

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    Would like to know if one can specific a path such as c:\startup.bat or if this will only work for .sh under Linux.

  2. Yes.
    If you put the correct name and extension it will
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    What's the best way to test it? I used this format: "c:\myncraft\start.bat"
  4. If its a .bat i'm assuming that you use windows and that is your path to your start.bat
    Now just go to the console or in-game and do the command /restart
    Then the server will restart.
    PS: I recomend that in the script you use EXIT instead of PAUSE because if you use PAUSE when you do /restart
    the old window will still be there and won't close until you press a key.
    But when you put EXIT it will close automatically
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    Great tip!!! Working great. Thank you very much.
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    Whoops, one little problem. In Windows I have spaces in some of my directory names such as:

    restart-script: C:\"Assassination (parkour)"\Assassination.bat

    When I tested the above I typed restart and the windows disappeared but the batch file did not execute.

    Aside from the obvious (removing the spaces altogether) does anyone have a syntax fix for how to express the above path that Spigot.yml will be happy with?
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    If I try to put quotes around the whole thing, Spigot spits out a bunch of errors upon loading Spigot.yml

    So, " C:\Assassination (parkour)\Assassination.bat" definitely does NOT work either.
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    Got it, I just used Assassination.bat and it assumed the correct directory. Whew!
  9. I hate spaces in dir names on all OS. Glad Win 7 sanitised C:\Documents and Settings to become C:\Users .

    And plugin developers who write subdirectory names with spaces in them should get an SMS everytime I'm forced to redo a find ... | xargs command with find ... -print0 | xargs -0