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  1. Hey.
    I have a big, but funny problem..
    I'm using latest Bungee version.
    When I do restart, players connecting to lobby server.
    Everyone have an error: [Nick] disconnected with: IOException : Connection reset by peer @
    Because everyone (200+ players) want to teleport from lobby server to my other servers using portals or command.
  2. Why do u restart ur server?
  3. btw do u use command /end on console
  4. Ah. I know what was wrong. I had connection-throttle to 600 in one server, so I changed it to -1 and is well.

    Why restart? hm.. When I have avg 260 players online at 10h, serves takes more RAM and sometimes also CPU.
    Idk why, but I always have this. There aren't large differences before and after restart, but I think servers after that working better.
    I restarting hub, S1 and S2. In I have a code which automatically starts the server after using the command "stop". Sometimes I restart bungee too, but I think that it isn't so necessary.
    Large differences are visible when the server is working a long way from a low TPS, at least for me.
    Now that I've been using bungeecord, TPS is good and I don't need make so much restarts..
  5. kk Hope U Fix the problem and pliz follow me if i help u Thanks!
  6. joehot200


    Well if you dont force them to the default server, they can just respawn in each server and then only 50 or so people will be connecting to any 1 server at a time.

    It seems your server is restarting fine, and its just the oncoming players that are a problem.

    Why not code a rate-limiter?