Spigot Restrict Creative 5.1

Restrict the shere of items between a creative player and a survival player.

  1. Found an error, after which the server is completely frozen. If you take an element from the creative, put one block on the ground and place the rest into the crafting workbench or window, using the digit, the server completely freezes (1.14.4)
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  2. I was waiting for you to answer and help correct the error, but you did not answer and I decided to fix it myself and corrected it.
  3. Found another bug. Holding an item from a creative in hand, they can break the blocks located in private worldguard

    Edit: I myself corrected this error in the plugin. I also fixed the player's freeze at the time of breaking the block
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  4. Plugin seems to break worldguard protections, after this plugin is installed players can break some blocks in restricted areas
  5. Deiutz updated Restrict Creative [1.8.x-1.14.x] with a new update entry:


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  6. If you read in on the last part of description you will say that is says for version 1.13 or lower you need to download version 2.4
  7. Deiutz updated Restrict Creative with a new update entry:


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  8. Hi i solved in last version this problem :D
  9. Does this plugin work on version 1.12.2? If so, which version of the plugin should I download?
  10. Will you add support for 1.15.2?
  11. There is a mistake in this plugin: in creative, when you hold any block in your hand, it can break blocks on any private, even on spawn. Please correct this
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  12. Hi, I will need more details, so can you join on discord and talk more about it?
  13. Ok i want to report a bug. With the PlotSquared 4.453 plugin. i have a creative world with plots and users are not supposed to restroy roads between plots but with this plugin they can destroy them with a block in his hand.

    it is the same issue reported the guy after me

    something i noticed is that the block just dissapears with no break animation.
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  14. hm weird , I will check and try to fix it :)
  15. new feed, creative placed blocks can be destroyed by normal players even if the are in a protected area
  16. Hi , can you join on our discord and talk more? here is the link : https://discord.gg/Nn8AY9B