Restrict Usage of Doors and buttons

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  1. Hi there !
    I'm having a little request, probably fast to awes but I can't find the proper way to describe what I want and to google it (Not the good words let's say).
    I'm using Worldguard and Groupmanager. Actually the use flag is set to true in Worldguard, and I want to restrict the usage of doors, buttons, trapdoors and plates, letting only the wooden pressure plates and button usable. Is that possible ?

    Thank's for your help !
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  2. On WorldGuard there is an ability called "use" that allows/blocks, doors, buttons, pressure plates, levers, etc.
    I'm not sure whether you can specifically let people use certain blocks.
  3. That's what I said, isn't it ? The fact is that I want to choose what block can people interact with.
  4. Go into the world guard config file

    near the bottom is interaction-whitelist:

    if you wanted say wooden button you add


    for wooden pressure plate add


    This will tell world guard to IGNORE protecting these items.

    I had to do this to make it so my plugin extension would have custom flags for buttonuse, leveruse, etc