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    RestrictedCreative - Extremely lightweight, but fully-featured and customizable Creative mode limiter.

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  2. @Prunt
    You put commands into permission link and permission into commands link on your plugin description?
    Normal? :p
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  3. Whoops! Thanks for noticing, I'll fix it right away! :)
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    New command + bugfixes

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  5. iMedia


    does this work with 1.8?
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  6. Currently not, but if you're interested, I believe I could add support for that, too. Although, there would be no way to efficiently save data to entities, so you should expect the plugin to work a tad bit slower.

    If you want to buy and use the plugin with 1.8, then I will add the support for that. Otherwise, I'd rather spend my time on implementing new features.
  7. Would it be possible to add permissions to bypass blocks on the blacklist individually? Like, for example instead of giving access to everything on the blacklist, would it be possible to give a group or user a permission like rc.bypass.blacklist.DIAMOND_BLOCK?
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  8. iMedia


    ill buy it if u can add 1.8
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  9. Coming in the next version! You can check out the permission format on the Permissions page.

    I'll start working on it, then. RestrictedCreative 1.2 incoming!
  10. Oh, that is fantastic! Thank you so much for this.
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  12. Hoping it's a worker, as one we have been waiting for 3 years :D
  13. Hi, on our test server (spigot 1.12), with no perms assigned as yet, it's allowing block drop, ie build in GM 1 (assigned via console for test player) place gold and diamond blocks, back to GM 0 via console and blocks break and drop?

    We do run a couple of other creative limiting plugins to patch the holes in an old one we just removed, I'm presuming there's nothing in the config that needs setting to stop the drops that is different to default? And also presuming it is cross compatible with other creative plugins (that don't track block placement)

    MySQL table
    Survival Map;786481;110;-1094970
    Survival Map;786481;111;-1094970
    Survival Map;786481;110;-1094972
    Survival Map;786481;111;-1094972


    Think I may have narrowed this down, it may be a 'backpack' plugin bypassing the plugin :)
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  14. yep, it was the 'auto pickup' option in the backpack program. Hope it helps if anyone else has a similar issue! :)
  15. Does this plugin support blocking custom NBT data from saved toolbars being imported into a server?
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  16. Love the plugin, something we really have been waiting for a long time and seems to work like a dream!

    Could you please add the autoreconnect=true option, to the plugin for the MySQL connection? It's not the plugins fault, but our external MySQL host is having some issues in the last 12-24hours. The (many ) other plugins are struggling, but forcing the issue as the connection goes stale and saving the data etc finally.

    However restrictedcreative seems to just drop the connection and give up at the first sign of trouble? Server restart is fine, and it establishes nicely on boot, it's the timeouts combined with our current connection issues that are a problem :)

    This would also add some resilience for future issues

    Thanks :)
  17. Feature coming in the next version! Thank you for pointing it out!

    I'll add it in the next version. Thanks!
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