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  1. Well, there are some examples where, under certain circumstances with other plugins where creative placed ores will still drop items from other plugins, and vis versa. Or if you loose your data, they can all be mined.

    Also, most builders don't utilize or never need to place such blocks so kinda just a fail safe.

    Also things like shulkers and beacons can be used if placed. This can be harmful if you have survival and creative players coexisting.

    And a lot of other misc reasons after examining things throughout several years. I think it heavily benefits from blocking potentially too much, rather then not enough and finding yourself trouble down the road.
  2. By the way, the issues were almost certainly due to a low connection timeout, or a small connection pool. Now we are on our own server, and I've had no issues after having default mariadb settings. The host I was on when we asked about that was much more restricted and probably had a very low timeout, and small connection pool.
  3. Could you send me your config? Do you have the blocks you mentioned listed under "confiscate.items.material"?

    As far as I know, I'm not misusing ItemStack. Do you have any problems?

    Yeah, makes sense. But I'd list it on the plugin page rather than directly in the config.
  4. Тhe command /rc reload does not support 1.15.2. The configuration does not change. It is initially the default. How to save the changed configuration?
  5. I have noticed this for a very long time. I always just have to restart the server.
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  6. I'm aware of this bug and it'll be fixed in the next version.
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  7. I have an interesting scenario. Using a lectern with a book on it to activate a redstone signal to a command block to change game mode from creative to survival and vice versa. While in survival, turning the page in the lectern sends redstone to the command block, but says I'm not allowed to do that in creative mode(even though I'm in survival). But it will work if I remove the book, just won't work with the page turning.

    Note: lectern is sitting directly ontop of an observer that goes down to the command block by 3 observers. Going to try running a comparator off of the lectern and see what that does?
  8. Found out lecterns use both the Interact: inventories and the item: drop config commands. Is there any way to allow only the lectern to pass these commands, but not chests or other containers?
  9. How do I allow my staff to bypass general restrictions but keep their inventories separated?
  10. I am aware there is no update for 1.15.2, but for the most part, the plugin still works for 1.15.2. However, there is an odd bug.

    In this plugin's creative mode, I cannot place regular torches and redstone torches on surfaces that are facing eastward, unless there is a block beneath it. I can place regular blocks, fences and such on it.

  11. I'll take a closer look and let you know.

    I believe you can first give the general bypass permission "rc.bypass.*" and then remove the inventory bypass with "-rc.bypass.tracking.inventory". I'm not sure this works with every permission plugin, but give it a try.

    Take a look here:
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  13. Be sure to add 1.15 to your tested Minecraft versions!
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  14. This plugin is amazing, works how i envisioned it but I do have some suggestion or future related plugins like do you think u can restrict players that are using worldedit and voxelsniper such as everytime they use worldedit and voxelsniper and try to mine it in survival it will drop nothing.

    now something like this would make my server awesome and prevents cheating for my builders.
  15. Consider to make an Easter offer?
  16. This feature is already included for WorldEdit. However, I don’t have plans to add VoxelSniper support, because has not been developed for a while now.

    Sure, why not! Stay tuned for that!
  17. Plugin seems to delete players PlayerVaults data, is there a way around this?
  18. There's no reason why my plugin would do that. RC doesn't touch any containers besides players' own inventories. I can't test it myself because PlayerVaultsX is a premium plugin.
  19. Is there a way to contact you and show you? I just recreated the issue switching between creative and survival gamemodes.