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  1. You can always send me a PM. Have you contacted the PVX author to see what he thinks?
  2. Is NBT handled automatically or do I need to set it up where players can't copy contents of a chest, shulker, ect
  3. If you have "confiscate.middle-click.enabled" set to true in the config, then creative players can't copy the contents. It's enabled by default.
  4. Hi!

    I just leave you here a full translation of messages.yml into Spanish:

    You can add to your plugin to help other Spanish-Speaking Servers.

    Thanks for your amazing plugin! :)
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  5. Hi man.

    Can you add the option of not allowing the teleport while the person is in creative mode?
  6. The 1.8 version seems to interveir with FastAsynWorldEdit
  7. True the original has not been regularly updated but the FastAsyncVoxelSniper plugin is regularly checked and I been using the stable version of that for now.

    also sorry for my late reply, my time is very limited and I'm not as active on spigot like I used to.
  8. Hi @Prunt ,

    I bought this plugin yesterday and it's very good, but I've a question:
    How to force /creative when a player enter in a Worldguard region ? (authorised region in config file). Player has to do /creative but I prefer this is automatic because if player put items on ground, quit region, and come in again rapidly, he is in survival mode and can pick up these items (for example) for his survival inventory...
    When players quit this region, survival mode is correctly forced, but the creative mode isn't when players come in this region.

    Thank you for your work :)
  9. I could, but I'm not sure this is in the scope of my plugin. Could you block the command creative players are using to teleport or remove certain permissions? I don't see how limiting teleport helps achieve the main goal of this plugin - separating creative and survival.

    You mean RC v1.15.7? What exactly is the problem?

    Is this the version you're referring to: I'll add it to the TO-DO list.

    What do you have as "database.type" in the config? SQLite shouldn't produce that error.

    You can force gamemode change woth WorldGuard game-mode flag. More about them here:
  10. Thank you for your answer @Prunt :) But:

    When I force the gamemode with a worldguard flag it doesn't work correctly:
    - in 1st the gamemode of the player does not change. So it doesn't work ...
    - then, when the player returns to the survival world it gives him his survival inventory from the previous day.

    We have made several attempts to confirm this. If I remove the flag "game-mode creative" everything works normally again. Except that we cannot manage to put the creative automatically.

    Another problem to note: since we made these tests, the player has 5 additional permanent hearts on his life bar and we do not know how to remove them.
  11. Bug for 1.12.2 paper latest plugin version for it. When I have denied chest opening on-ground interact! Players can't place a chest on top of a chest!! plz fix
  12. I'll do some tests to see if I can reproduce this. But it looks like a WorldGuard issue if the flag doesn't work properly. I don't know what might be causing the extra hearts issue, my plugin doesn't touch them at all.

    The latest RestrictedCreative version is only for Spigot 1.13 and later. For 1.12, please use the latest RC v1.x, which is 1.15.7. However, opening chests can be disabled by disabling opening inventories.
  13. DUDE I Clearly said im using the latest "1.12" version and the bug is ive disabled players from opening chests! but now they cant place a chest on top of a chest by pressing shift key and rght clicking!!!
  14. Hi,
    finaly I'm able to fix the auto creative mode issue with Multiverse by forcing creative in this world.

    But it seems I've an issue relative to database loading:
    > [13:06:14] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 7/INFO]: Creative > Please wait! Loading data from database...
    > [13:08:13] [Server thread/WARN]: Can't keep up! Is the server overloaded? Running 118906ms or 2378 ticks behind
    > [13:08:15] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 7/INFO]: Creative > Loaded 2324 blocks in 9 chunks from database!
    > [13:08:15] [Craft Scheduler Thread - 7/INFO]: Creative > Done! Took 121036ms

    2mn to load "only" 2324 blocks, is this normal ?
    (Server machine is 8 dedicated cores at 5Ghz and 16GB of dedicated RAM.)
  15. How to set up specific command blockage? Even with "commands: []" the plugin blocks every single command. In 1.15

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  16. Sorry, I must've misread your post. I'll take a look.

    This is definitely not normal. Are you sure this isn't caused by your database?

    I'll test it myself and let you know.
  17. Thank you :)
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  18. @Prunt I've to contact my host support to check that. I'll tell you if I get more information.

    Otherwise I will need information to fix another problem:
    My players tell me that in creative mode it is possible to put armor stands but that it is impossible to destroy them because:
    "You can't do that in creative mode."

    How can I fix this please ?