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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by TheJavaHacker, Jul 9, 2018.

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  1. TheJavaHacker


    Hello there,

    So this week, I got banned on the Spigot forums, falsely - For attempting to resell a plugin that I have the full rights to be reselling. What this meant for me, as I am aware - That my resource got deleted and my account was banned. This also means that the application I had sent in. for resource staff was more than likely nullified.

    Now, I have a few questions about this:
    1. I would like the staff member that banned me to come forth and let me know who they are - It should at least be common decency to let me know - Also I would like to say Thank you, to whomever it was, regardless if they want to be known, for at least doing the job that was assigned to you (However incorrectly it was).

    2. I would like to enquire as to whether my resource staff application has now been nullified and will not be checked at all because of the ban. And if so, I feel like this is being unjust and I should have an equal opportunity, even if I was wrongly punished.

    3. What happens in terms of the resource that has since been soft-deleted on the SpigotMC website? Can I have it re-instated or do I have to go and post it again myself and what happens if another mod comes in and swings the ban hammer again because they didn't bother checking the TOS of the other plugin?

  2. 1. Cant help you there sadly maby ask on IRC
    2. Resource Staff applications are closed and new ones have been added.
    3. Dont repost, I would ask staff about that. It may not violate the plugins TOS but it may break spigots rules either way. You may not be able to reupload.
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  3. TheJavaHacker


    The point of the thread was to get a response from Spigot Staff, however you do have some good points that it's likely to break Spigot's rules anyway.
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  4. Intellectual Property
    • You must be the original author and copyright holder of the work which you are submitting.
    “Original author” So that would be breaking the rules.
    Also may have better luck finding out who banned you by emailing the staff email
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  5. TheJavaHacker


    However the original author and copyright holder has given me express permission to resell the resource online, which includes but is not limited to - SpigotMC.
  6. Good point its a very confusing issue. good luck!
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  7. TheJavaHacker


    Thanks mate, I hope I find the answers soon :)
  8. Strahan


    I would imagine that authorization would have to come from the original developer. Why do you think they will just take your word for it?
  9. TheJavaHacker


    Because if they read my damn appeal email, which they have - They can see he did authorise it. Also it's on his twitter too, Literally
  10. Strahan


    The email is irrelevant; I could forward an email from Sundar Pichai naming me Google's new CTO, doesn't mean it's legit lol. The twitter is good, so long as they can reference it to the plugin.
  11. TheJavaHacker


    The email is not irrelevant, as it provides clear proof of transactional evidence. That, backed with confirmation via twitter and other methods should be able to prove that it is viable.
  12. Strahan


    What I meant was they aren't going to accept info in an email as valid if it's just coming from you; you could've altered it.
  13. TheJavaHacker


    At what point could a link to the plugin in question, with a specific section reference going to be editable by myself, when I am not Phineas?
  14. Choco


    That's not necessary. No reason to call out any staff members, especially if they're new as we've just accepted 4 new members.

    As far as I'm aware, your application was not nullified. You may get further confirmation on this from md_5, but to my knowledge, no.

    No. Do not repost it. It's still present on your account, though it may be undeleted.

    Take this from the perspective of a resource staff member. (I say this as a former resource staff member) When we review plugins, whether it's by report or through premium queue, we have to ensure it was not stolen. Based on your resource's page, there was absolutely no indication whatsoever that you had the rights to publish this resource. When you're continuing a project from another developer, you should provide substantial proof that the original author has given you permission to publish their work, or sell it for that matter. We, the reviewer, did not have that evidence on hand, therefore it looked as though it was stolen work and an attempt at reuploaded content.

    You can link to that tweet directly or a screenshot of it, but at no point was this visible to the resource staff reviewing your resource. You cannot blame them for banning you for stealing code because without authorization from the previous author, that's what it looked like. Publish this proof in plain sight next time.

    Also, thread moved to Community Feedback and Suggestions as this is technically "feedback" directly related to the Resource Staff team.
  15. TheJavaHacker


    The staff member can easily come forth and private message me explaining what went down. It's common decency for an organisational member to apologise for the lack of customer service, especially in the event of a wrongdoing. Secondly, it seems likely for the application to be nullified or ignored because of the ban on this account, due to the inability to access the account. There would be no point in hiring somebody that you've just banned, is there? Thirdly, That said, all resource staff should look into existing works and check for the terms and conditions before blindly punishing someobody because you "Think they're in the wrong". The Resource staff should have to adhere to specific set of rules and that should include checking any apparent discrepencies against the original copy of works, including but not limited to the overview page, before punishing somebody for something they're allowed to do.
  16. md_5

    Administrator Developer

    Not happening.
    All staff applications are assessed on their overall merit. I think in any case your reaction here does not do you any favours.
    I will acknowledge given the circumstances a ban was unwarranted (which is why you have been unbanned), but given the information available to the staff member at the time there was no other course of action they could've taken. You provided no indication that you did have any sort of permission. In any case as stated above, the rules are:
    Your resource will not be reinstated and cannot be posted on this site as a premium resource.
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