[Review] GGServers Hosting provider - DON'T USE THEM

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  1. [Review] GGServers - pay for an offline server

    Hello there,
    normally I would never do such a thing - as to review or trashtalk about anyone or anything, but it has been a very long time that let me no other choice on doing so !

    My name is Nico aka theTrixxter/Trixx and I am a Developer as well as trying to be a server-owner ^^
    Therefore the only 2 things I was looking for were builders and a server hoster.
    I have gotten a home server, but I'm really not a big fan of that therefore I tried to find an online hosting provider and I found GGServers.
    They got really good prices, looked kinda professional with their online appearance and I also talked about 2 friends that used it a while ago.

    I bought a server and immediately 2 problems came up:
    1. I bought the server using PayPal and paid the second I got the invoice so that I can start using my server as soon as possible - but on the side of GGServers that a thing that's not possible... - my server didn't launch nor was there any kind of message on what went wrong... - I looked up some other reviews and this problem seems to be coming up quite often on GGServers... - therefore I wrote a ticket at their 24/7 Support and there we got the second problem
    2. Their claimed to be 24/7 Support Tickets is basically just an email that gets answered once or twice a day and then you'd have to wait another day for a response... (this also happend to a friend of mine who has a bungee server beeing set up by them)
    After that the server run pretty well and I havn't had any problems up until the 25/05/2017-26/05/2017, were the server just shutdown without ANY kind of message !
    No message, no E-Mail, no warning or any kind of information has been put out on the problem !

    After 19 hours of waiting, I created a ticket on 26/05/2017 describing my problem and the only response I got was:
    "We are aware of this issue and this will be fixed as soon as possible. We apologize for this error and any inconvenience this presents.".
    There was not a single word on what happened, when the server's gonna be back up again, if my files are save or even if there's any way of a refund.

    I don't want to write this here as if my server's that important, because it's just a basic small server, where I hired builders to build my map which is absolutly not a problem, but the only backups I made were ON the server (which was a mistake by me - because I wouldn't have thought this would happen ever) - but if you'd imagine a big server that has a downtime for 19 hours how much money they'd loose over that amount of time ! - please just imagine this as if you'd had a good running server that not only makes money but has an active player basis and it's down for 19 hours without any kind of response on the problem !

    ok lets continue...
    On 27/05/2017 07:39 I wrote another message asking for any kind of information and the only answer I got this time was: "Unfortunately I do not have an ETA at this point." - which was ABSOLUTLY useless AGAIN !

    The Ticket continued up until TODAY (29/05/2017 - 00:05) - where there has been NOT A SINGLE response telling me what happened, what I can do, if there's going to be a refund, what's happening to my files NOR any information that can help me in ANY way !

    Therefore the Support Team of GGServers - as well as the technical side seems to be absolutly incapable in handeling their jobs, as well as creating a working service, because I havn't paid much for my server - but if you'd imagine beeing a server with 100 players paying houndreds of dollars for a server that's offline for more than 72 hours (3 days) without ANY kind of information that just really sad and unacceptable.
    Here's going to be the counter on how long this takes to solve (I'll keep this updating):
    24 hours (1 day)
    48 hours (2 days)
    72 hours (3 days)
    96 hours (4 days) - no information given - NONE
    120 hours (5 days) - still no information given
    144 hours (6 days)
    168 hours (7 days)
    192 hours (8 days)
    216 hours (9 days)
    240 hours (10 days)
    264 hours (11 days) - they closed the ticket without ANYTHING

    So to cut this all short, I bought a server on GGServers.com that had to write me a ticket to get it running at first (downtime which I paid for), then the server just shutdown without any information on that and now my server's offline for more than 72 hours without any information or any help on how to save or get back my files ! - btw refund seems to be not available either (so you'll pay for 72 hours service which you can't use... #stillgrowing)

    Therefore here is my review about the server hosting provider GGServers.com - I hope you can make yourself an image on what's going on as well as I hope it's prevent people from buying services that won't work without any kind of response on GGServers side !

    Best regards and I hope I saved y'all some money ;),

    PS: here are 2 more reviews about GGServers - that shows off that you shouldn't buy GGServers in another light: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/never-ever-buy-ggservers-review.94321/

    PPS: I found another poll that underlines my review with a 1:19 score against GGServers: https://www.spigotmc.org/threads/review-bought-a-server-from-ggservers-10-09-2016.185520/
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    Well duh, why would a host recommend anything other than their own.
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    Wasn't the intention, but k.
  5. I am surprised to read that GGServers would have a node offline for such a long time. I don't believe they own their own hardware and just rent from a provider. I wonder if something happened on the providers end which lost them access to the server. Nonetheless having that much down time and no valid response is unacceptable from any provider of any size. Hopefully you end up getting your files back and can find a provider which will work better for you.
  6. Sorry for sounding very condescending, i just don't know how else to put it.

    That is the first sign of a bad host, why do you think other hosts don't have the same prices ?
    they are selling you something they don't have, there are "overloading" their servers.
    (kinda image like how airplane companies overbook their planes)
    their physical machine, might only be able to handle 10 mc servers
    a good/expensive host would only put 10 mc servers on that machine
    a medium/budget host would put something like 15 servers on that machine (see the problem ?)
    a bad/cheep host would put something like 20 server on that machine (if you dont see why that is a problem, you properly should not be running servers)

    And a good tip for life (and this counts everywhere, not only servers hosts), if a company's product is a part of the company's name, it is very likely a company meant for earning money to the owner, meaning they will give you the cheapest of the cheapest, so the owner can score as much as possible.
    (Note. the company's name being a part of the product is (most of the time) fine)
  7. That doesnt have to be true. $3/gb is not a bad price for a server since most providers offer servers cheaper than that. There are plenty of providers that offer cheaper than $3/gb and don't oversell there servers. Example: Mcprohosting ($10/gb) is just as bad a GGservers ($3/gb). It all depends on the host.
  8. can you review my site ? i will give you a server to review it if you want
  9. WitherCraft Hosting when it comes out is gonna be a blast, its the first Server Hosting with your customization that has 0 price, completely free. I saw their things before and they get all the money from their server so no paying at all, apparently you need to download your own jar then upload it to their website and its 24/7 server unlimited players plugin or anything for free. I already donated tons to help them, if they make it out to the market I swear everyone will use them
  10. That is the recipe for disaster, what if the person uploads a virus infected jar file, either on purpose or not, then he could potentially get access to the entire machine, This has happened to quite a lot of hosting companies that allow to upload custom jar files.

    (Also, was unable to find something called "WitherCraft Hosting" with a quick google search)
  11. Most hosts allow you to upload your own jar file.
  12. Perhaps it was meant as WitherNode
  13. They did show a strong virus scan there, and only Server jars work on their platform. If there was another jar without org.bukkit or net.minecraft the platform would reject it.
  14. I think everyone knows that GGServers are trash by now, however people still purchase from them. It's a mystery.
  15. It's because they are ranked really high on Google and it's proven most people only look at the first 4 results so ggservers, mcprohosting etc.
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  16. They have great SEO score.
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  17. That's fucking easy to bypass, I just have to name my packages as Minecraft/Bukkit ones.
  18. I can't explain how it works so ye
  19. I believe they may have improved somewhat. From my experience so far they seem to be really helpful with my current modded server issue (I have a really weird server tick loop exception problem going on that doesn't seem to be solved by regular solutions)
  20. In my opinion, every server hosting is not worthy, first, you're paying probably reselled OVH machines, because i've checked a lot of those "professional minecraft hosting" sites and their IP addresses are from OVH.
    Second, if you want a server, even if it is small, buy a VPS or dedicated server if you want to make a network.

    Also, out of that, nice review! I like your review format! :D