[Review] My 1 day of experience with online.net

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  1. So I ordered today an server from online.net, payment went pretty easily and server was delivered in about 5 minutes.
    (Please note that I ordered the business support level along with the server)

    I tried to install the server with my own partition scheme for the disks and it got stuck. I tried to take contact with the support since the installer failed. So what happened.. The server broke and they offered me a new server. It took about 1.5 hours to have a replaced server.. So I got the server, I did the same thing and suddenly.. It broke again.

    Partition scheme is valid though

    Not to mention that they claim to have a 20 minute reply for support tickets 24/7 but it takes about 30 minutes to get a reply from them ( I choose the right department)

    Support 5/10
    Hardware 3/10
    Stability of the server 1/10
    Network 8/10

    Online.net is just horrible for having a dedicated server and they're slow with their tickets. I might just gonna file a chargeback through my bank from where I got my creditcard in order to get my refund since this is just horrible

    So just stay away from them.
  2. Better alternatives:
    Hetzner (Please note that you might get sometimes a broken disk. Run some checks with a tool like HDSentinel for the health and request a disk replacement before you're doing something important)
    Tip from @Foxvific : securedservers/phoenixnap
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  4. Added, thanks
  5. My friend and I have been using one of their servers for a few months now without any issues (through oneprovider mind you), interesting to see you've had a sub-par experience.
  6. I got a just cheaper deal on reliablesite by just sending them an email.. A xeon e3-1240v5. online gave me a v6 of it but I'm fine with the v5 for that price. Especially for my use case for just running a heck a ton of VM's on low load.

    However OneProvider is just their sub brand like ovh with sys/ks.