Review of shockbyte.

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  1. Well I would rate shockbyte 4/5 stars just because they are nearly lag free, just the database and the bad support plus constantly servers being down because of some stuff shockbyte is doing.

    It is much chearp than other hosts!
    Well I suggest checking them out at
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  2. If you haven't already, please open a ticket on our website so we can assist you with this.
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  3. Welcome to the world of hosting! It is not a place where everything works.
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  4. Well I did. They reply with some simple answers. Like:
    I dont know what is the cause of this. Try to set it up again and then if it still persists we will look further.
    And with that answer what exactly am I supposed to do?
  5. If you can provide the ticket ID I can look further into this for you.
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  6. #495692

    You can take a look at the chat itself. I seemed to fix the problem by just removing my database and then creating again, still didnt work for 5 hours but then after waiting for some reason it actually did work. Yeah the problem is now fixed after 3 days. I will now remove the thread but I cant write an outstanding review because of the slow support.
  7. I can see that #495692 was answered in 8 minutes and #725712 was answered in less than a minute, however neither of these tickets were related to a database. Your services have been compensated for this issue - you should have received an email with details regarding this. If there was another ticket you wanted me to look over, you can provide the ticket ID, however I'm glad the issue has been resolved.
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  8. Thank you alot.
    One more question. Will your databases ever become faster?
    I used to have permissionsEx running on your database but the console was spammed because of slow permissions system which was caused by the mysql database. So I changed to file. Tried this with more than one database still the lag existed. Never had such issue before on other mysql databases.
  9. This is something we're currently working to improve. The current speed shouldn't affect the performance of your server, however we are hoping to make changes to prevent the PermissionsEx messages within the next few days.
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  10. upwindman


    It takes you 5 days + to respond to a ticket.
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