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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to review the hosting service Shockbyte. I have been using them for about four or five months now (I forget :p), and I have to say they have been excellent.

    (1) The prices are dirt cheap, perhaps the cheapest legit host out there. It's $2.50 a gigabyte/month. Thats a 20-man server for the price of a loaf of bread. Now, take it from me: getting players on is another story.

    The support team always gets back to you in day or two. Always after 10+ tickets, I have always gotten a useful, complete response. Not the fastest, but still pretty good for what you pay.

    Also, they have all the normal features of a hosted server, multicraft (yes, with it's shit upload/download feature, learn to use FileZilla instead, I can help you if you can't figure it out), 'unlimited' file storage, and all that pazazz.

    As for cons... well a dedicated IP still costs $5.00 a month x(

    This is soley based on my experience, if you have had any other experiences with them please feel free to comment below, let me know if I helped you! ^.^

    Regards, James
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  2. But the real question is: How did the server actually perform
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  3. As far as i see his post he only had experience with the support tickets :p