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    Hello everyone, I just wanted to review the hosting service Wolfcraft. I have been using them for about a year and a half, and I have to say they were decent at first, but now are pretty bad.

    (1) $85.00 is the lowest server price for 32 GB, and it gets you all the normal features of a hosted server, multicraft (yes, with it's shit upload/download feature, learn to use FileZilla instead, I can help you if you can't figure it out), 'unlimited' file storage, and all that pazazz, and a few other processing boosts. However, for most of us, thats shit. Even if you have that kind of money to spend, you can get the exact same thing for half the price (see my other post).

    The support team used to get back to me in a few hours! Thats amazing, and I assume they still do, however as soon as they discontinued their lower priced servers, they screwed me over. My slots got set to 10, without being able to raise them, they would NOT respond at ALL to my tickets ,and their email turned out to be fake ,I had to use their Skype only for them to tell me they discontinued the service, however, they did give me a download of my files, so my server was saved (thank god!)

    I would not recommend them, unless you really need blazing fast support. Oh yeah, they also used to charge 15$ an hour for support (excluding tickets), not sure if they still do, but again it's a ripoff.

    This is soley based on my experience, if you have had any other experiences with them please feel free to comment below, let me know if I helped you! ^.^

    Regards, James
  2. 32GB for $85/mo is more expensive than OVH's MC-32.
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    The price difference is about the same as the transaction fees for MC-32, but yeah, MC-32 is better hardware. Their $85 server is like comparing a toaster to an oven. Hell, my Nexus 6P is probably faster than that Opteron lol.
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