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Should this be implemented?

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  1. Hi,
    I think this should be a thing, when a user chargebacks on a resource their reviews should be removed. Currently the license is only removed but I think reviews should also be.

    I recently have had a user review my plugin 1 star and chargeback which is just scummy and how the user is still on this site is amazing.

    I know there it is very unlikely this will be added but it's worth a try
  2. md_5

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    Wouldn't it make sense that a highly negative review is the reason they chargebacked.....

    This just seems like you want to remove low ratings
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  3. Obviously not a good thing, it's important for customers to tell why they chargebacked so it should be kept
  4. Choco


    What I'm not sure authors understand is that chargebacks should not be discouraged. They shouldn't necessarily be encouraged, but if you feel that what you've purchased does not live up to the standards that were promised by the author, a chargeback is warranted. This suggestion is a quick and easy way to suppress negative reviews.
  5. Then in place of it a rule should be put so you can't just buy a plugin, download it and chargeback and just get away with it

    True, I am acting in a personal way because instantly after my latest plugin was released someone bought it, downloaded it, reviewed it claiming it was a copy and chargeback along with leaking it on a forum. This person is still using the site without anything happening to them. (I am not talking about my latest review, I am talking about the first ever review on my latest resource)
    However somehow I was banned for saying I would 'annihilate' a users server if they continued to harrass me.

    I understand users should be able to chargeback since some developers out there can be really scummy and I am not trying to take that away from them. However if this is the case then if I didn't care how people view me then I would just purchase every resource on this site, download it and chargeback without anything happening to me.

    If I am going to spend 6 months coding something only to then have it ruined by some twat who thinks it's funny, reviews may seem like nothing to you since you aren't using the site as a user who makes resources. It's really unmotivating to see all your hardwork thrown away in seconds and treated like trash only to have the staff treat you the same way
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  6. Choco


    At this point, we'd have received enough reports to issue a ban. There's a difference between issuing a chargeback and issuing dozens of chargebacks in quick succession & abusing the system.
  7. 1 alt per plugin.
    "Having an alt is bannable" that doesnt mean its hard to do or impossible.

    At what point does it become unacceptable? 10? 20? I'm not asking for you to remove the ability only that you look at how it was treated in my case.
  8. Optic_Fusion1

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    and do you have proof it was 100% them that leaked the plugin?
  9. Choco


    I honestly think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill here. There comes a point where you'll understand to accept that not everyone is going to receive your project and be entirely satisfied. Additionally, there will always be people willing to extort you for money and distribute your project in which you've invested countless of hours, days, weeks or months entirely for free. Creating a rule that is easily exploitable by authors is unacceptable and not the solution.
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  10. I understand. Thank you
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