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    TL;DWTR = Leave the thread

    Yes, the title is very misleading, as we are not having any type of revolution. I just thought the title sounded cool and would attract a decent amount of attention. Anyway, if you don't like reading, leave the thread now, as I will have zero patience for those who create a counter thought without reading the entire article. Now, let’s get to the point.

    Spigot the wonderful, most of us call it that because of the way it enhances our servers and gives players a better playing environment. Now, we don't realize but Spigot the wonderful is slowly turning into Spigot the disrespected. Many of us sit here exploiting the magnificent features that spigot brings, while others don't fully take advantage of the features out there. Spigot is, you could say, undocumented. Although, don't let this small detail be the reason to disrespect the community or other members. We are a generation of "doers," which means we have made the most advancements in any generation. That is quite an accomplishment isn't it? You may be wonder, why are you even talking about that? Well, it’s simple; I wish to educate the people of spigot to hopefully see as I see. See that there is another answer rather than being a passasmist or being someone who can never look at plan B. People need to open their eyes and see the world for how it was meant to be seen. Go on a journey to venture into your own mind and hopefully change the thought process of some.

    There is a point where people feel that there is no possible way they could change their ways. Think about it though, how did we all form our different ways of dealing with certain aspects of like? Everything formed from habit; if we start off with bad habits what do you think will be the future of those habits? Yes, they will turn into other bad habits that have causes so much pain and suffering throughout the human race. We can change those habits for ourselves and for others. Now it is not such an easy task, but the journey into our minds will help us get through that. Just keep your mind open to this post, don’t let your already made decisions get in the way of seeing brand new ideas and solutions. If you are not willing to look into or even relate to different ideas than you are used to, how will you ever grow passed the point you are at now. It is crucial to let certain ideas and thoughts being consciously and subconsciously registered in your mind. That is how the mind is able to grow and expand its thoughts. So please, just listen to what is being said, then if you are not into this what so ever, go back and judge whatever you feel is necessary. There is just some fixing that needs to be done and I believe many of these points, stories, and examples will help many people see that there are many different ways to settle a common goal.

    Origins. Let’s go back in time; all humans came from a select few people who expanded into what we know today. Let’s imagine the Spigot community to be the expanded population we know today. Where did it come from, how are we here, and what does the future hold? If you have just joined spigot and the Minecraft community in general, you may not understand what i'm going to explain. Many of you know, but don't acknowledge the fact of our existence. Bukkit, we can boil it down to that. Hmod is not really around, that’s beside the point. Anyway, Bukkit is where Spigot came from. People of Spigot don't seem to respect the developers of Bukkit who devoted their lives to creating an "operating system" per-say, so Minecraft servers could evolve past its petrified state. Why can we not take the time and respect the developers? I see, Spigot > Bukkit, or Bukkit sucks and Spigot is much better, or forget about Bukkit. I understand people are like Spigot better than Bukkit, but why must we step down a level just to insult a system to do the same thing? Spigot as a community needs to acknowledge its origins and be blessed they were created, so our existence can thrive. Without the acknowledgement of origin the mind is fooled into believing certain aspects of positive and negative feelings. Clouded by judgment the formations of new ideas and thoughts are easily falsely created in the mind. Think about that the next time you want to insult Bukkit. Think about the origins.

    Old generations, current generations, and old generations. Who is the better of the three? Neither, none are better than the others. That is something that we all need to realize. All generations harp on the other two. I will admit, I do a lot of harping myself. It's nothing I am proud of doing, neither should any of you be proud of it, as there are many other times I wish I would not have done some act but unfortunately it is too late to fix. I see many younger teens and older adults come on the spigot forums asking questions. With those posts come many people from the generations to harp on them because they don't understand something, or because they are asking too many questions. Instead of insulting them, help them, lift them up and give them answers, examples, and anything else that can help them. When you insult them, all you are doing is putting them down, making them not want to ask any more questions. You remember when you were younger and you asked a lot of question? Don't lie about that, we all did this when we were younger. I personally have had these types of things happen to me. It is just a degrading thing when it happens. I sure it is safe to assume that when others have had this happen to them, it literally rips at their motivation and drives them towards something they may not want to be, or act like. And as much people know, motivation and determination are two key factors that keep the human body and mind in sync, also helping people to push through the hard times and," make something beautiful from that pile of trash." Why did we ask those questions? To expand our knowledge to be better prepared for the future. Questions are what keep the world turning, without these essential questions people would not have the desire to answer them. Think about Isaac newton; he is considered to be one of the smartest men that have ever walked this earth. And why? Because he just asked a simple question, “How does that even work,” as the apple landed next to him after falling from the tree. Think about those posts as a question to better themselves and expand their knowledge passed what it is currently at.

    Some of these posts people make may encourage others to quit what they are doing and decide not to learn any further. I have made some very regrettable replies, and now I see what those replies can do. So I wish to publicly apologize to those who I have offended, I am sorry. What I did in my, recent bad decisions, is nothing that should make you feel different about you feel towards something. If you think you may have been harsh to someone, don't be afraid to apologize, a simple apology can be the difference between the solution and the end result. (The end result not being what is exactly wanted) Let’s put aside this apologetic topic and move on. We need to embrace others who do not fully understand, and help them understand. Just because it may take someone hours or even days to grasp a simple topic does not mean we need to throw them into a spiraling storm of negative connotations and racism. We need to embrace their learning ways and help them succeed through our struggles, through our mistakes. Let them know that they are the future, but even though they are the future, that we are the future also. We need to show them the way to success without putting them down. Come together and expand the community in the right way, not in the way many of us see it going. Other think that being independent is a much better way to solve things. In some cases yes it can be but when being independent is not an option you need to band together. We are a community, not a bunch of independent people who can solve each problem by themselves. Be nice, have hope, and enrich those with knowledge that may not understand certain topics.

    Expansion, many people have the wrong idea about this. Expansion is not defined as the amount of followers you gather, or the amount of marbles in your bag. Expansion is defined as, “the action of becoming larger or more extensive.” Becoming larger how? It can be a larger amount of people who wish to change their ways. The possibilities are endless. The Spigot should not work of expanding their community in numbers, but in the quality of how the community works together. If we only expand quantity there is no goal for how the quality should be. Without that goal all we are doing is endlessly expanding our idea of the 'correct way' into the minds of others who find these ways to be respectful. This may seem like an impossible task, and to some, it is, but to others, it is just a trial they are willing to take. As a community we can band together and take that trial, as a community we can triumph, as a community we can grow and prosper beyond our hopes and dreams. I do not have the answer of how the community may band together, but I wish to help, and I wish for others to help with me. Without the community effort there is only so much we can do. If the expansion of the Spigot community population increases while we don't change the quality of other aspects. All that will be left is a community screaming for change, a community where change is nearly impossible to come by, and a community where we cannot further expand the morals and ideas once thought out. We can start something so powerful it cannot be stopped, a title wave of change, change that can only be good.

    As the community grows, so do the negative aspects of it. Person versus Person relations, confusion, and disrespect. Those are just a few that I can name off of the top of my head. Many questions arise as what we are going to do, but none seem to be answered. No one seems to have stepped up to the plate. What is Spigot going to support, how is Spigot going to support it, and when is Spigot going to start supporting it? These are questions I feel that people have recently asked. I know md_5 has planned to create a wiki for Spigot, but why are we not being directly updated about these things he wishes to work on. I know creating lengthy posts about the current state and future of Spigot is time consuming and “not worth it.” I’m sure there are people in the community who would be more than willing to run the side jobs that md_5 or other staff, do not have time for. Let’s use the community to help the community. Create scribes, certifications, and other notable jobs that would help the Spigot community prosper.

    I will end it there. There are many other aspects I would love to talk about, but I feel no one really wants to hear it, or I may be writing for the wrong cause. My main point is that Spigot needs change, change for the better, and that change will only come if the community can band together, realize our differences and fix those differences. If you haven’t got the idea that we need to bad together at least don’t let the demon inside takeover; help yourself and others by helping the cause. Rise up and prosper. Long Live Spigot!

    Thank you very much for reading, if you did. If you did not read this I suggest going back and actually reading it. It is a nice topic that really describes the negative idea and thoughts of people and how these can be solved thought simple reverse thoughts and of course, trust.

    TL;DR = Leave the thread
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  2. Because we all love hMod, amirite?

    Bukkit doesn't suck. CraftBukkit have its deficiencies, and some member(s) of Bukkit Team may have distorted reality due to their spiritual commitments to GPL and FOSS, but at the end of the day, Bukkit is what enables plugins. And I'm sure most people knows that >_>
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    The main idea isn't that we do not respect Bukkit as much as we should, but we need to change. Hence the other paragraphs.
    "My main point is that Spigot needs change, change for the better, and that change will only come if the community can band together, realize our differences and fix those differences."
  4. Too much word for a simple "Spigot is better bukkit and spigot is 98% bukkit so don't insult bukkit just because spigot is awsmr"
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    So no one takes the morals away from the article, neither reads it. This is why Spigot will not flourish the way many of us hope it will. Hopefully someone more serious will actually see the point. It isn't even about the disrespect to Bukkit, but change as a whole.
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    Great read, good job on the article and congrats on Moderator! I can't really agree more, so I've got nothing much else to say. :p

    I also suggest others to read that blog that treestompz linked.
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    I would love a fully documented spigot wiki, especially about all the things in the bukkit.yml and that can be configured to make a large change in performance.

    The main thing that everyone cares about is lag. We all like spigot, hate on bukkit, use latest dev builds, compare hardware, is because we do not want lag. That is how I originally found craftbukkit++ because
    Code (Text):
    <noobie> LAGGGG
  8. Um you do know that you wouldn't be here, nor any members of Spigot would if it wasn't for bukkit. Spigot was created under the API of bukkit since it is a fork. You kinda should've thought it through a bit.
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    Wut? Please read. Also, there was no point in grave digging.
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  10. Wow I just read it thought you posted it today -.- its still true though
  11. Just sum it up, I got bored on the 3rd paragraph.
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  12. It is a good post.. I read all of it
  13. This is the concluding paragraph; if you took 3rd grade classes for writing, you all should read the conclusion for summarizing. gawd
  14. I enjoyed the read. I don't agree that we are the do'er generation, not that it isn't true, because it is, but all generations for the past 200 years have been doers. I agree people should stop with the Spigot>Bukkit...because frankly those people, "kids", have no clue what they are talking about. I support change for the better. I like witnessing the birth of new technologies, especially in the digital world. I see no reason to bash Bukkit, the people there are friendly to me and others when I'm on there. I've seen some people on here bash certain members of their team because they may have been rude or mean, but I'm sure there are 2 sides. I think the idea of a better documented api would be nice, but another improvement I would like to see is crack down on people, not just the younger members, who insult people and staff right out in the comments or post. Yes having an opinion is alright but when people get to a disrespectful manor that is where I don't tolerate crap personally. I don't care who it is about either, disrespect is disrespect. I've seen a lot of kids and adults get away with blatant insults that would bring hell on earth to myself if I was caught saying that crap anywhere. By this I mean, being more restrict in that you can't just say certain things and get away with it. Attacking a staff member or md_5 himself out right in a post or comment should warrant a punishment, and those that have been punished, good. I seen them whine on Spagt, but that forum is made up of "kids" who weren't taught right about acting correctly.
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    If you thought this was long...I feel bad. I also did sum it up at the beginning and end in the TLDR.
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  16. They're friendly as long as you're a lot like them. If not, they will proceed to dictate what you should do. Also, as I've said many times before, they don't want to hear any criticism on their actions. I created a thread over there exposing their poor deeds and they just let the thread rot from all the staff wannabe's just so they could just strike me down at the end and make ME look like the bad guy. Furthermore, I've tried to talk with them ever since I've been banned(from saying "Spigot" twice) to get an answer as to why I had been put under mod-watch previous to my ban, as there was no apparent reason. I've e-mailed them and tried to PM @mbaxter (2 months ago) but still, they do not reply. Obviously, that means that they like to pick and choose what members they want and ban the ones they don't.

    So, do you really think there can be another side to this story? [/rant]
  17. Yes, there is, but you seem to have forgot to include the reasons you have gotten warnings and infractions for.
  18. Shall I copy/paste my thread and embarrass the Bukkit staff here? Regardless of the reasons, there is no excuse that I cannot get any answers after four months of asking. Stop trying to defend the guilty, it's simply worthless. Once I get some legitimate answers(or even any answers..) for everything, then maybe things wouldn't be so heated between the staff at Bukkit and I.
  19. I'm not sure how many responses you want that say that, yes, flaming other users is in fact against the rules.