Spigot Rifle's Containers [Abandoned] 1.2

A new take on a boring shulker box

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    RFContainers - A new take on a boring shulker box

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  2. Hey, not sure if this goes here, however I've noticed with the containers, they do not seem to update the storage if using hoppers to insert items. If this is possible to fix, that'd make these little boxes truly amazing!

    If used with a hopper, or any other form of automatic item-deposit it seems to follow the logic of a regular Shulker Box, matching the size of one as well, instead of the impressive storage that has been added to them.

    Shift Clicking items into the Containers also seems to be unavailable, another useful feature that would be awesome to see added.

    Last but certainly required to say. When attempting to create a Container, should you cancel making one in attempts to change your mind, the Shulker Box is consumed regardless, but no container yielded.

    Other than that, loving the plugin thus far!