RIP cryptocurrencies (for now)

Discussion in 'Technology' started by jojoe77777, Feb 2, 2018.

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    all of the charts are in AUD pls don't kill me
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  2. I can't say I care that much. Those who bought it when it went mainstream cry a little. Everybody else still makes a profit who got it a handful of years ago.. I am sure it will bounce back, hopefully some of the crap ones will simply 100% disappear.
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. MiniDigger


    up and down it goes, good time to buy in guys ;)
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  5. I wish I understood cryptocurrency.
    I'll stick to minecraft server money xD
  6. md_5

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    Muh unrealised losses
    Also muh unrealised gains
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  7. The smart people dumped their Bitcoins when it hit $18,500.
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  8. foncused

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    I am still holding everything I have - got the time to do so without any real risk anyway.
  9. There was a massive drop in btc and alt coin prices when South Korea was like “we gotta start cracking down on this “illegal exchange”.

    Or at least I think that’s why they all dropped.

    Either way it’s disappointing that they did. I planned on buying some ripple a few days before it dropped almost 30%
  10. I do not mining any cryptocurrency.
  11. It is interesting to read this discussion today when the price of cryptocurrencies has been increasing. Personally I'm pretty new to the crypto world, but I try following the latest news in this sphere. I should say, it is important not only to look through crypto forums and blogs, but also to find out crypto users' thoughts (usually I read crypto projects reviews for this purpose) as it is better to learn from other people's experience. In general, I'm optimistic about cryptocurrencies, though there are still many sceptics.
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  12. blaukat


    The average lifespan of any Fiat Currency is something like 27 years..... Bitcoin as already rached 40% of that. Since 1913 the US dollar has lost 96% of its value.


    On October 20 2010, Bitcoin was worth less than a dollar, now it is worth $8,000, its one of the best, if not the best performing asset in history.

    RIP Bitcoin? I think not. Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain are here to stay.
  13. Well its the PERFECT time to buy as the prices are low,cause when they go up again you will make some cool profit
  14. Meh. It's a biggest scam ever. People are paying for literally nothing. Imagine someone selling jar full of air and people buying it because other people are buying it. That's madness.
  15. According to this statement, the dollar (and probably most of the other currency) would be the biggest scam, you trade work against paper / a number on the account.
  16. Bitcoins are used by illegal organisations, and it uses a lot of energy with all the computers around the world mining the bitcoins doing absolutely nothing productive for the society. So I don't mind.
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