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  1. Hello! I am working on a new network with @ItzSomebody, and I was wondering about the community approval factor of .rip domains. It's a PvP network, so I think this domain would be very fitting for what we are trying to do. It is also available with our desired name. I thought I would ask the community what they thought of it before I pull the trigger.

    Note that I have avoided mentioning the name, since I don't want people to snag the domain from us so we can't use it.

  2. latiku


    It doesn't sound too fitting for a PvP network in my honest opinion, unless you get something like gf.rip (assuming it's practice pvp)
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  3. I'm good.
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  4. latiku


    Hey, minecraft's all about investing.
  5. GaIaxy


    Get a .cool domain, and you'll be really cool.

    That's what I did for my development forums @ https://development.cool
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  6. GaIaxy


    In all seriousness, get what you think would set you apart. I usually like .net or .com domains for servers because of professional reasons, but .rip would be different.

    I'd maybe think about making the .rip as a server IP and having a .com or .net as a website.
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  7. electronicboy

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    asking a server community about how such a domain would go down with players, who are generally relatively far away from this site, seems a bit backwards.
    it really depends on your server and what you're aiming for, .rip sorta sounds like something that trollish meme lovers, which has perks and disadvantages in terms of creating a server for ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  8. So, like Arkham and playmc.mx?
  9. Any more opinions?
  10. Honestly, I find it kinda unprofessional to have a .rip .gg .io etc. domain. And whenever I see a domain like that I just think "corrupt staff, server owners only in it for the money, players that say L, hacker central", that's just my opinion.
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  11. Thanks for the reply,
    any other opinions? I'm trying to get some insight before I decide on a domain.
  12. latiku


    What about ultra.rip? It's owned by @ultranetworkmc, which is a partner of MineHQ. (One of the most professional hardcore networks)
  13. That's how I realized that .rip domains existed. Saw it on @itsjhalt's twitter
  14. I don't think there would be an issue with joining a .rip network. It's quite different, which is always a good thing. Really, though, it comes down to what you and your players think about it.
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  15. I think it's sort of funny honestly. Like 'Rest in Peace' and it's a PVP server. If you're going with a serious aesthetic then maybe not, but if it's a fun server that you're going for, go for it! It's interesting and will probably attract people due to it's uniqueness.
  16. You're actually going to spend 500$/year on a domain that ends with a .rip? Foreign people will not know what .rip means anyways, since it's an abbreviate for an English word. I'd probably go for a .net and a .rip domain, it'll probably cost 10+ more /year tho since you can already cover 500$/year than i'd assume you're fine with that.
  17. People know that it's a partner of MineHQ, so they already know it's a good server before joining.

    But in the end, a server name doesn't have any effect really, the quality of the server does. So you might have a bad name, but if your server is fabulous people will still talk about it to friends and you will still get players. Same thing applies to good names, if you have a good name but a shit server then people will forget about it.

    So OP, you can do whatever you want but I wouldn't spend extra money to get a .rip domain..
  18. That's because it's a "premium domain" (gf.rip) they normally cost $20/yr
  19. Domains are the least of a players concern, if it's something memorable it can always be better. The General Tlds such as .com, .org, .net, .io etc perform better within search engines however.

    Players aren't going to not join a server due to its IP, especially as they only copy and paste it into their MC client and login. I would recommend a domain over an IP obviously to feel more professional but players really won't care if your domain is a .rip or not.
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